Dateline NBC special featuring Craig, Moffat County slated for tonight


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What: “The Haunting,” a two-hour Dateline NBC special

Time/channel: 8 p.m. tonight, NBC

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A two-hour Dateline NBC special that includes Craig and parts of Moffat County is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. tonight.

The story focuses on Steven Hatch and Glen Ake, two fugitives who were wanted for murders in Texas and Oklahoma, and later apprehended at a ranch north of Craig in 1979.

Ake was sentenced to life in prison. Hatch was executed.

In December 2010, an associate producer for Dateline NBC visited Craig to research Craig Daily Press archives about the arrest, and to film locations, including the old jailhouse near the Moffat County Courthouse where Hatch and Ake were held.

Jeff Corriveau, a former Moffat County Sheriff who was the lead investigator at the time of the apprehension, was also interviewed for the story.

According to the NBC website, the crux of the story revolves around the lifelong impacts on Hatch and Ake’s Oklahoma victims, the Douglass family.

“After surviving a violent robbery that left a revered Oklahoma pastor and his wife dead, a son and daughter attempt to move on with their lives despite the multiple trials of their parents’ killers,” according to the website.

“Keith Morrison reports on the difficult search for healing and how their story of tragedy came to be a Hollywood film.”

Brooks Douglass, whose parents were killed by Hatch and Ake and who was also shot by the two perpetrators, later became an Oklahoma state senator.

He is also the screenwriter and an actor in “Heaven’s Rain,” an upcoming independent film that depicts the ordeal.

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cmawest 6 years, 2 months ago

im glad they included jeff corriveau in this, he was a good and honorable lawman in this town. not many know jeff put a total of 14 murderers away in his career. losing him over a bogus scam to get money from the counties insurance company was a black mark on craigs history. law enforcement is a very unapreciated endevor. most who will jump up and try to defame an officer, wouldn't have near the courage to do their job. to all law enforcement officers - thanks for serving !


als362 6 years, 2 months ago

Jeff Corriveau was/is one of the best law enforcement officers I ever had the pleasure and honor to meet. He was/is honest, caring and fair, attributes many times lacking in officers of the law.


cmawest 6 years, 2 months ago

i just finished watching the dateline special. what a wonderful lesson in forgiveness, something dateline isn't really famous for. what those kids had to endure is sad, but the end will serve as a reminder that God said he would not forgive those who would not forgive others.

as i watched jeffs interview, it took me to places i really didn't want to go. i spent a great deal of my life in law enforcement, working in some really mean places. just following the story, realizing that jeff and his crew went out there knowing full well who was out there and the extent they were armed. but they still went, with no malice in their hearts. who would have blamed them, who would have cared, if they had just killed both these scumbags ? but no, they did the right thing and brought them back alive, i'm not sure i was ever that good a cop, but i have always known that jeff corriveau had that spark of honor about him. its like jeff to bring them back unharmed. i feel proud to have known him, and even prouder to have worked under him.

thanks jeff - we truly love you. thanks dateline for telling it right "this time"


Exres 6 years, 2 months ago

I watched the Dateline program also, and Jeff gave a very good interview. We can thank him and his staff for risking their lives to apprehend 2 vicious killers. Jeff did a lot of very good work as Sheriff.


nightwatch 6 years, 2 months ago



ColoGeezer 6 years, 2 months ago

Corriveau may have been involved in 14 murder investigations but he did not "put them away" all by himself as implied. Any investigation like that involves much more than one man or one investigator or one sheriff. Don't give him more credit than he deserves.... (I'm not sure that I remember Corriveau being involved in 14 murder investigations but again, I'm over the hill and may not be remembering some of the deaths)

Corriveau may have been "was/is honest, caring and fair" but he was only average as a cop, an investigator, and sheriff. A "great" cop would not have done the things he did nor allowed his deputies to do the things that they did with his knowledge. Integrity means a lot to officers and his was lacking.


George Robertson 6 years, 2 months ago

Not to worry Jeff, 10% Love you, 10% hate you, and the other 80% are indifferent. I suggest you hang with the 10% that Love you.


cmawest 6 years ago

o.k. lets try this one more time and hope some morons who only read into a story what they want to read will listen up and try to understand this.

at no time had anyone, including little miss wonderful, ever accuse jeff of putting his hands where the didn't belong. little miss wonderful was complaining clear back to sheriff valdez. and it was so bad, and caused her so much pain, that she was only able to withstand it for what ? 15 or 16 years ?? in those years over 55 jobs opened up in the county, how many did she apply for ? none i know of. so that will show just how badly she was suffering.

now please understand, i don't know this for a fact, but i was told by another woman employee at the county back then that miss wonderful asked her to join in the lawsuit, telling her that her sister in arizona had just did it and recieved an "out of court settlement" and her sister had told her how to do it. again, this is second hand info.

but this is not ! there were over 30 people deposed and scheduled to testify in jeffs behalf, not one single wittness got to testify. why ? cause just like she said, she got an out of court settlement from the insurance company to make it go away. crap ! even murderers get to face their accuser. so remember when you start accusing jeff, unless you were there and wittnessed what you say happened, be very careful what you write to the newspapaer. unless of course you are willing to tell it to jeff to his face.


ColoGeezer 6 years ago

Well, cmawest, my statements stand.... I was present during some of Corriveau's dealings with the gal and did witness some of what was done. The gal got an out-of-court settlement because Corriveau's insurance company knew what the witnesses would say under oath and knew that Corriveau did not have a chance in court. So they settled. End of Story.


Frank Estey 6 years ago

I like to remember Jeff Corriveau as {Baby Jeff}… he was a cute little bugger scooting around the house in his diaper. Those were the good old days.


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