John Kinkaid: ‘Unity of purpose’


To the editor:

In 2007, when Ride the Rockies stopped in Craig, the city looked so nice.

Back in that summer, my thought was we should make this kind of effort every year and achieve similar results.

Civic pride above and beyond. There was unity of purpose, cooperation and the city sparkled for that summer. I feel really good about living here, but I felt even better that summer.

Again, one of my thoughts was, “this is how it should be.”

I know times are tough and many, if not most, people and businesses are strapped badly for cash. I understand. Having said that, Gov. John Hickenlooper is coming to visit in just a little less than a month. Wouldn’t it be nice to once again come together and make Craig sparkle?

We could make the city shine not only for the governor’s visit, but for building the image of Craig in the minds of tourists and potential tourists this

summer and, maybe just as importantly, for ourselves.

It’s good to have a visual reminder that we do live in a special place. I’m asking for us to unify and put our time, energy and resources toward making Craig an extra special place not only to live in, but to visit.

Let’s get ready for the governor and the rest of 2011. And yes, continue to fight relentlessly for energy sector jobs and our local economy, while at the same time having that Ride the Rockies “sparkle” every year.

And please, can we settle the Moffat County Public Safety Center controversy to the best benefit of taxpayers and move on?

John Kinkaid

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justthefacts 6 years, 2 months ago

Fact: Craig does not sparkle during this time of year!!! ( Invite the Gov back for Whittle The Wood.)

Fact: A worthy County Commissioner Candidate would take the lead and work, instead of Just talking about others stepping up to the plate.

Fact: John Kinkaid, as he did on the School Board, wants others to put money where his mouth is!!! ( Facts upon request)

Fact: Some people are doers and others are talkers.

Fact: Some do, but do very little other than encourage others to change to fit their need.

Fact: The ability to know what some will do is historical and some times hysterical; if an examinanation is made of what has been done on say a School Board, Hospital Board,personal lives, jobs, etc,etc etc.

Just The dull not so shiny Facts


dogfan 6 years, 2 months ago

I have a question for Mr Facts. If you know so much, which from all the facts you put up on here you must be the smartest man in the world, why don't you run for some of these public offices that come up. You seem to have the answers for our countries problems, why not share that wisdom.


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