Mary Reed: ‘Worth watching’


To the editor:

A documentary called “Gasland” about natural gas companies drilling in places like Colorado will be aired Tuesday on HBO at 3:15 p.m. and 6:15 pm on DirecTV.

If you do not have DirecTV, you can put “Gasland” into your search at to view the documentary, or parts of the documentary, at any time.

The documentary includes some information about the recent drilling by natural gas companies in Garfield County.

Since there is an interest by natural gas companies to drill in Moffat County, this program might be worth watching.

Mary Reed

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onewhocares 6 years, 1 month ago

Thanks so much Mary. The more information the better!!! It is really scary when you learn what has occurred in the natural gas drilling industry to so many communities & what can go wrong here as well.


Frank Estey 6 years, 1 month ago

A majority of the energy exploration in Moffat county will be for Oil, NOT gas.

Gas production from dense rock such as shale helped drive down the price of natural gas to about $4.41 per million British thermal units at year end from a high of $13.58 in 2008.

Crude oil prices are approaching $90/barrel, a level not seen in over two years, therefore, Oil exploration & production dominates in three of the four most expensive Niobrara rock deposits currently being fractured, the Eagle Ford, Permian and Bakken.

This is a current short list of oil and gas companies working on fracking chemicals. Haliburton has created a fracking fluid called CleanStim, which is made from ingredients in processed foods and tooth past. Baker Hughes is in the process of making BJ SmartCare, which is made of some of the same ingredients as CleanStim. Flotek (FTK), has a successful fracking fluid made of citrus.

Dense-rock oil deposits in Moffat county Niobrara Shale Prospect may prove to be too expensive to produce with current fracturing technology so most of the drilling will be conventional...for OIL.


craigite61 6 years, 1 month ago

According to the article on December 6, 2010 about Brent Jacobsen and Geokinetics, they are surveying for oil and NATURAL GAS.


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