Lawrence L. Sober: ‘Another grievous abuse’


To the editor:

We are hearing a lot about Social Security and the fact that fund is going broke. What we don’t hear is why it is going broke.

Funds were taken out of the Social Security fund to pay for other things. Fraud and people getting benefits that never contributed to the fund are just a few of the reasons it is going broke.

People like Obama who feel that their benefits come from God are a good example.

Currently, the Social Security Administration has to rely on some of the IOUs in the fund to be able to pay benefits. Many of those IOUs will never be repaid because the money is not there to do so.

We are now being told that just because the working taxpayers have had to pay into the fund their entire lives does not mean that they will be able to collect those benefits.

The argument is that those entitlements are not funded.

Look closely at your pay stub and you will see that you are paying into that fund every time you get paid.

The current administration had already approved a preliminary treaty that will give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. Many members of Congress do not even know about this treaty.

The U.S./Mexico Social Security Totalization Treaty will pay benefits to illegal immigrants and their dependents.

The current estimated cost to the taxpayers is $207.1 billion per year.

This treaty will reward lawbreakers and reduce the benefits now being paid to our seniors. Keep in mind that many of our seniors can barely survive on the benefits they are now getting.

Cola is not keeping up with the rising costs and Medicare costs keep going up. And again, look at your pay stub and you will see that you are paying for Medicare, too.

Younger people are forced to pay into the fund but are being told that they will never receive these benefits. And they are given no other options as to where they can pay into different retirements funds instead of Social Security that they will never see.

Many of our elected officials flat out do not care about entitlements because once elected to office they get their benefits for the rest of their lives at the taxpayer’s expense.

The fact is that the Social Security fund is in trouble already without this treaty. Why add to the problems by paying illegal immigrants?

Major changes are coming to this fund. Contact your representatives and protest this treaty before it is too late.

Several different groups have tried to get more information on the specifics of this treaty through the Freedom of Information Act.

To date, their requests have been ignored. Both the U.S. State Department and the Social Security Administration have refused to provide any specific information as to the actual costs that result from the enforcement of this treaty.

This is another grievous abuse of responsibility and power by our government.

Lawrence L. Sober

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pappyg 6 years, 2 months ago

Post 1983, Social Security has turned into a cancer on average middle class working Americans, their families, and the communities they call home. If left undiagnosed, and untreated the disease will ultimately consume the patient (middle class America). So any successful treatment must begin with a pathology report, followed by a treatment plan. The Pathology Report: The Treatment Plan:


pappyg 6 years, 2 months ago

Bernie Madoff Should Have Joined AARP  People trusted Bernie Madoff, and invested billions of dollars with him believing their money would be safe and available to them when needed.
o Taxpayers trusted politicians and believed their social security tax OVERPAYMENTS were safe, and would be available for the now retiring 78 million baby boomers.

 Bernie Madoff hoodwinked his investors; he never intended to invest the people’s money.
o Like Bernie Madoff politicians used deceit; the intent was never to save and invest excess social security tax dollars.

 Bernie Madoff ran an accounting shell game, and spent the people’s investment money on something other than intended.
o Like Bernie Madoff, politicians spent the people’s social security tax money on something other than intended.

 As bad as Bernie Madoff was, his investment scheme never created one new IOU our children and grandchildren will have to pay again.
o Unlike Bernie Madoff, the Politician’s taxing scheme creates new IOUs every day that our children and grandchildren will have to pay again.

 The total tab for Bernie Madoff’s investment scheme was 50 billion dollars.
o The current tab for the Politicians social security taxing scheme is 2.54 trillion dollars and growing.

 Bernie Madoff was arrested, stood trial and was found guilty of running the largest private Ponzi scheme ever.
o Unlike Bernie Madoff Politicians haven’t been charged with anything regarding their social security taxing scheme.

 Politicians created the law that shut down Bernie Madoff‘s investment scheme, and he is now serving a 150 year jail term.
o Politicians created the law that allows them to continue promoting, and running their social security taxing scheme.

 Bernie Madoff gets paid between 12 and 42 cents an hour during his jail term.
o Politicians get paid $174,000 a year plus benefits for each year of their elected term.

 Bernie Madoff called his fund; The Bernard L. Madoff investment Securities LLC Fund.
o Politicians call their fund, the Social Security Trust Fund.

 Bernie Madoff’s investors wish they would have made a better choice.
o Unlike Bernie Madoff’s investors, millions of average working Americans had no choice.

 Bernie Madoff should have sought shelter by joining the AARP.
o Millions of senior citizens have.


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