Daily Press readers participate in Facebook contest


In light of the extreme cold temperatures Craig has been facing, the Craig Daily Press hosted a contest Wednesday on Facebook in hopes of keeping readers in good spirits about the weather.

The contest asked readers to fill in the blank for the statement, “You know it’s cold when _.”

The newspaper received about 50 creative and humorous responses during the six-hour contest.

Below are the Daily Press’ staff picks for best responses to the fill-in-the-blank prompt.

• “You know it’s cold when Steamboat has to cancel school and Craig marches on!!! Go Blue!!!” — Jayna Goodwin

• “Your heating bill is higher than your house payments.” — Zach Beauchamp

• “Politicians keep their hands in their own pockets!!!” — Sherry Kurz

• “When the snowman in your front yard begs you to take him inside at night!” — Cody R. Duran

• “You know its cold when your kids FINALLY ask ‘Where’s my coat!!!’” — Stacy Stuart Atkin

• “You spit and it turns to ice BEFORE it hits the ground! :)” — Brandi Shipman

• “Your dog sticks to the fire hydrant.” — Mike Fuller

• “Over half the cars in the Walmart parking lot are running and no one is in them.” — Annabelle Butler

Goodwin’s answer received 11 likes from other users, Kurz’s received six likes, and Fuller and Duran received two likes each.

The winners of the contest have earned an embroidered www.craigdailypress.com and Moffat County Bulldogs beanie hat to keep them warm this winter season.


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