Stephen Ghirardelli: Differing information


To the editor:

After reading the Saturday Morning Press article, “New fracking rules under consideration,” I became confused by Moffat County Commissioner Tom Gray’s statement that “there has never been a documented case of ground water pollution resulting from mineral extraction.”

Commissioner Gray asserted, “The Environmental Protection Agency and the (Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission) are both on public record stating there has never been a case of fracking polluting a water source. I think there is some public misconception that there is this great risk and I think there is a middle ground between the extreme environmental viewpoint and common sense.”

Commissioner Gray’s assertions confused me because I had read only two days before in Thursday’s Denver Post a front page article titled, “Wells tied to foul water.”

In Pavilion, Wyo., about 200 miles north of Moffat County, “Hydraulic fracturing has been linked for the first time to groundwater pollution.”

Further into the article, I read, “The three-year EPA study of complaints by ranchers and farmers about well pollution concluded: ‘The data indicates likely impact to groundwater that can be explained by hydraulic fracturing.’”

John Fenton, a Pavilion farmer, commented, “It was a whole series of bad practices that led to this problem. Fracking was just one of them. … After being told for years that this wasn’t happening, that there was no scientific evidence, this is a relief to us.”

Stephen Ghirardelli

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Sage_Sam 5 years, 3 months ago

Glad that someone is asking the tough questions. Thanks Steve!


onewhocares 5 years, 3 months ago

Steve, you might want to follow the "fracking" debate over in Steamboat on: Unlike the citizens Moffat (with the exceptions of a few) Routt citizens ARE asking questions and challenging the commissioners and not blindly following dirty politicians or industries. ( Also, here is an article about the Commissioners of Garfleld backed by the oil & gas money (which may Gray's ignorant comment). Anything to justify a bigger bank account. Just to do your own homework, it's shocking what fracking has done across the country and I'm sure will do here. The worst part is, the people of Moffat, welcomed it. Hindsight is always 20-20


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