Moffat County real estate transactions for July


Buyer: Wolgram, Kenneth W & Elizabeth B

Seller: Rio Ro Mo Acres Llc

Address: T7n R93w Sec 18 Lot 8

Sale price: $12,000

Buyer: Estey, Wayne A & Terri J

Seller: Nitschke, Roy F & Anna M

Address: 1495 Oak St.

Sale price: $255,000

Buyer: Green, Danny D & Vickie L

Seller: Nationstar Mortgage Llc

Address: 560 W. 3rd Ave.

Sale price: $78,000

Buyer: Murphy, Darrel R

Seller: Walker, Rex Ross & Livingston, Anne P

Address: Lots 6-7, Blk. 9, South Artesia

Sale price: $3,000

Buyer: Martinez, Eduardo Aguilar & Alcantar, Iselda

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Address: 782 Marland Ave.

Sale price: $66,560

Buyer: Amis, Robert E & Sandra J

Seller: Easom, Albert G Iii

Address: 4612 Timberlane Dr.

Sale price: $12,000

Buyer: Dippel, Crispin Jr & Kellie

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Address: 1316 W. 8th St.

Sale price: $174,200

Buyer: Elswick, Luke D & Beth

Seller: Stinnett, Kristine

Address: 109 Elk Ln.

Sale price: $25,500

Buyer: Ullman, Robert J

Seller: Jenison, Justin M & Courtney J

Address: 3846 W. 6th St.

Sale price: $165,000

Buyer: Us Bank National Association

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 1220 Legion St.

Sale price: $125,600

Buyer: Jeffrey, Wanda L

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Address: 1160 Barclay St.

Sale price: $114,000

Buyer: Markham, Cody Allen

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urband Development

Address: 1186 Washington St.

Sale price: $105,000

Buyer: Duran, Jimmy T & Ryan D

Seller: Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Address: 756 Prairie Ave.

Sale price: $66,000

Buyer: Sovine, Robert S

Seller: Hammond, Thomas Ray

Address: 875 School St.

Sale price: $169,000

Buyer: Dial Investments Llc

Seller: Timmer, Jack E Sr

Address: 711 2nd Place

Sale price: $200,000

Buyer: Douglas, Will Douglas & Dawn

Seller: Efficiency Lodge Inc

Address: Various Townships & Ranges

Sale price: $120,000

Buyer: Horton, Nancy L

Seller: Donovan, Dennis J

Address: 3100 County Rd 104

Sale price: $30,000

Buyer: Petricek, Robert A

Seller: Nelson, Joseph N

Address: 460 Sage Ct.

Sale price: $63,000

Buyer: Latham, Charles Richard

Seller: Snow, Sheri

Address: 824 Aspen Ave.

Sale price: $51,000

Buyer: Snyder, Mark & Julie

Seller: Doc Llc

Address: 1166 School St.

Sale price: $199,000

Buyer: Dalton, Jay David

Seller: Morris, Kevin Ryan & Robyn Watkins

Address: 592 Legion St.

Sale price: $81,885

Buyer: Wagner, John & Sarah

Seller: Coy, Jennie Lee

Address: 200 S. Tyrannosaurus

Sale price: $3,500

Buyer: Winters, Douglas D & Christina M

Seller: Salminen, Kenneth

Address: 785 Pine Ridge Tr.

Sale price: $135,000

Buyer: Hope, Russell & Robin S

Seller: Black, Donald R & Janet L

Address: 61891 W. Hwy. 40

Sale price: $80,000

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