BLM to gather wild horses next month in Northwest Colorado


At a Glance ...

• A wild horse gather is scheduled to begin Sept. 20 southwest of Meeker.

• The gather will remove an estimated 250 wild horses from Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area.

• The Bureau of Land Management reports that removing horses helps sustain the range in the management area.

• Most of the horses removed will be available for adoption.

The Bureau of Land Management will remove about 250 wild horses next month from an area southwest of Meeker in an effort to reduce the herd’s population and sustain range in a herd management area, the agency reported Friday in a news release.

“We are committed to maintaining a thriving natural ecological balance, which includes managing for a healthy wild horse herd in the White River Field Office that’s in balance with other uses,” said Kent Walter, BLM White River field manager, in the release.

“Wild horses are not native wildlife and have no effective natural predators, so these gathers are needed periodically to keep the wild horse herd at a level that the range can sustain.”

The BLM will gather horses in the 190,000-acre Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area beginning Sept. 20, and the gather will be completed by Sept. 30, the BLM reported.

The planned gather follows a decision BLM officials signed Friday to reduce the estimated population in the herd management area from 382 to 135 wild horses, the release stated.

“Since 1980, we have gathered wild horses within this area more than a dozen times, which has kept this wild horse herd and the range healthy.”

The BLM also will remove an estimated 78 wild horses that have migrated outside the herd management area and are east of Colorado Highway 139, according to the release.

Wild horses west of the highway are located in the West Douglas Herd Area and will not be gathered.

If left unchecked, wild horse populations usually double in four years, the BLM reported.

However, BLM officials plan to take steps to curb the herd’s growth and reduce the frequency of wild horse gathers.

Mares released to the range will receive treatment to delay fertility, and BLM officials will ensure the herd is composed of 60-percent studs and 40-percent mares, the release stated.

Horses that have been removed will be taken to the BLM’s wild horse facility in Canon City, and the majority will be available for adoption, according to the release. Horses that aren’t adopted will be put in long-term pastures.

For more information, visit, or call the White River Field Office at (970) 878-3800.

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Rebelgirl 5 years, 8 months ago

I have an idea how about we stop the people that are incroaching on the land where the horses are??? Tho nope stupid european people will do what they did to the bison and almost completely kill off herds of wild animals for no other reason than because they can. If the people in the area dont like the horses on their property then build a fence. All you have to do is look around and see how human stupidity and ignorance is destorying nature. You kill things off and they will not come back, congrats you are a big man, you carry gun you shoot things. Its the barbaric atitude that people and the government allow that will kill off the beauty of this nation. Concentrate on something that matters like the pine beetle that you set loose that are killing the forests not the horses of which are hurting no one.


sundance 5 years, 8 months ago

This article is so misleading. There is no way they could know the exact amount of mustangs running out there. Last year they spent $50,000 dollars of our tax money to round up 70 wild horses. They killed some in the process. They had the public observers in a place where you could not see the horses being chased by a helicopter into a trap. There were about 7 armed guards and a couple of horse advocates. This is a cruel and inhumane sytem that does not work. There are over 30,000 horses that have been captured, very few find homes. they are kept in filthy pens and we the taxpayers pay for this. Just leave them alone. Who are they bothering? Nature is hard on them. The herds do not double every four years. How would they know? They keep rounding them up which messes up their social structure and creates more foals. The mustangs live in family band and form strong bonds with one another. They are a symbol of our freedom and something left from the past. The BLM needs to give up the role of "managing" them and let someone else to it. They do not have the time or resources. Through social networking and the internet people are realizing the BLM is managing OUR wild horses towards extinction. They will never get 250 horses at Piceance. The horses are helicopter savvy and know how to hide. This is such a waste of money. We have less then 1,0000 free roaming mustangs left in Colorado. The Sand Wash herd is next. Do not let this happen! Get educated. Attend the round up. Wake up people....don't believe they are turned "out to pasture". Many end up in trucks for slaughter to Mexico or Canada. This is a disgrace to our nation.


sundance 5 years, 8 months ago

sorry, I meant to say less then 1,000 mustangs.


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