Irene Beard: Too much criticizing


To the editor:

OK, enough is enough. Why don’t we just block the highways into Craig, just so no one new can come in to do business, camp, visit, or for that matter drive through?

What have we to offer in Craig? Two decent museums, flower decorated streets, a rodeo, a county fair, and that’s it.

Heavens to Betsy. We should have new businesses in town, places to camp that have reasonable rates, and places to go for kids for recreation in the winter months.

We have a good quantity of jealous and spiteful people who live in this town. I’m betting not one of them give their time or do anything to help anyone out except themselves.

It’s a sad world when we have nothing to do except think of ourselves and make trouble for others.

The Moffat County School District is cutting off transportation to outlying areas and I find that interesting since we are reimbursed per student and miles run on busses.

I guess only students inside Craig are entitled to busses. Let the students who live in town walk. What’s wrong with children walking to school, shedding a little weight and getting fresh air?

Businesses are opening and closing like flies in this town because no one wants to support our locals. The answer is to drive to the next town to get our gas cheaper because there is more selection and we need to get out of a dying community.

Unfortunately, even tourists agree.

So, I vote we get rid of tourism, chambers and any organization that might help our seniors, children and those who just plain keep our town a nice place to raise kids.

Then, guess what? We will have a dead village and not only that, we won’t have to worry about the gripers and groaners. They’ll become some other lucky town’s problem. Hopefully they’ll have moved on.

If you are going to criticize every darn thing and person you can, I have a suggestion for you: highways lead four ways out of Craig, use one if you don’t like it here.

Irene Beard

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David Moore 5 years, 8 months ago

Ditto from me too. Unfortunatly, it has always been this way, this town hates progression, we are perpetually stuck in a rut going nowhere and moving backwards getting there. Great letter.


onewhocares 5 years, 8 months ago

There are so many neat things that could be done to better our town, such as: put in trails behind the high school up on the hills, at Loudi-Simpson where numerous people walk, jog, bike and cross country, pave a shoulder up Thompson Hill for all the recreational users that risk their lives every time they go up on the road since there are not shoulders and lots of semi's using the road and to force local gas station owners to set their prices at competitive prices vs. gouging locals knowing there is very choice (Steamboat's gas stations are .40 cheaper per gallon), and developing Cathy Caesar for winter fun. Instead, the trails are completely ignored at Loudi and eroding away into the river, there's pipes being laid most likely for a gas rig up on the side of the hill, folks continue to pay out their noses for gas despite the few jobs here and outside businesses kept away for fear of taking business from the few locals (& Commissioners) that own businesses here despite their poor quality. With the land here, it should be a mecca for outdoor sports and activities, yet it is known as the total opposite. I do think the city has done a great job putting carvings & flower boxes in all over giving the town a little character, but the County is terribly lacking in the recreational area and the kids and older folks pay a physical and mental price by not having safe and healthy places to exercise. Why is the county so afraid of turning this town into a desirable and healthy location? And please don't tell me to leave. I have tried that five times but crazy things occurred selling our home preventing us to do so making me accept we are meant to stay here and use our voices for change - or at least to put ideas out there.


Ray Cartwright 5 years, 8 months ago

A $1500 bill at the Attorney's office that I would have paid around $300 for in Phoenix or Denver? A trade-in offer that raised $1000 by driving a few miles. Gasoline $.40 or more cheaper by driving a few miles or as long as I am here why not take advantage.


kathleenpost 5 years, 8 months ago

I love the varity of shopping in Craig,it is a normal town ,thank goodness.I only shop or come for services,swim,but your town stands out to me as very good with lots to offer many consumers .It's also got wonderful museums ,parks, pool and a boys and girls club.Plus many services that fellow rural people travel to you for.I do like Craig.


jalana 5 years, 8 months ago

I agree with you ranger520 It seems like customer service has went right out the window and with it so has my business.I refuse to even shop in several stores in craig for the very reasons you are describing.

I also went to a local eatery and tried to purchase something they nationally advertise and was told they "don't do that here" while I was told that I happened to look at their door advertising the same special??? When I asked to speak to the manager and complained I did get the advertised price after I told them that what they was doing was like a bait and switch scam and false advertising.I will not be returning there as I also will not be returning to a few other stores that I have had similar experiences with.

Very few people in this town seem to have any customer service skills.While I do have to buy certain things in town.I have been buying as much as I can online or when I travel.When I see customer service improve(I doubt that will be anytime soon) I will be happy to spend my money locally.

Another thing that really bothers me is a local thrift store that gets all of their items donated and has such rude cashiers.I have actually been asked several times what I am doing with the stuff I buy from them??? Last time I checked it wasn't anyones business what I do with the items I buy.They are selling them and I am willing to give them the asking price what I choose to do with them is my business.I have since been to 2 new thrift stores that have recently opened.Both are run by very nice customer friendly gals who go out of their way to be friendly and helpful....guess where I will be shopping form now on?


George Robertson 5 years, 8 months ago

Wow Irene, thanks for the letter, based on the responses, I think everyone gets it!


kp81625 5 years, 8 months ago

I have certainly felt the same pinch in this town. I spend my hard earned money where it is appreciated. If I walk into a shop and am ignored, I leave. Pam at Sundrop framing always has a nice word to say. The new thrift store, M & M 2nd hand, has a wonderful owner who is quite helpful. These kind of business owners understand that their customers are the people who make the business run. I will not buy gas in this town unless it is absolutely necessary. Today, Steamboat's prices are .40 lower than Craig's. It's absolutely ridiculous. The new owners of the Cavvy are certainly proud of their new menu and not so big on customer service, either. The cost of a burger in their establishment costs more than I am willing to pay. I cannot spend my money in this town at businesses that do not appreciate the fact that I have money to spend in their establishment. I boycott several businesses in this town because of these reasons. Let's bring back good old fashioned customer service where the owners appreciate their customers and at least try to satisfy their needs.


Harlan 5 years, 8 months ago

I do not, nor have I ever owned a small business in Craig. Some of what is written here is true. However, Has anyone taken the time to thank the local businesses that contribute to this community? It must be a real strain to continiously get hit up for donations & door prizes from Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts / 4H / Ducks Unlimited/ Boys & Girls Club / Middle School Fund Raisers / Elementary/ High School/ Youth Sports / etc. Most of our merchants are continiously asked to give/support the community - and many do so willingly. It's okay to complain when you do not get the service/respect that a patron deserves..... but there does need to be a balance. At least thank them for all that they support. Could any of you provide the same level of support to your community?


Colette Erickson 5 years, 8 months ago

Wow! Just had the WORST meal and "customer service" experience ever at a local Craig establishment! Raw burger - inedible - and the owner didn't want to take it off the bill because I ate the (soggy - I was hungry - sorry) onion rings. Owner originally offered to take off the offending item, and give me a cocktail, but I offered to pay for the drink, as I DID drink it after all. When we get the bill, charge for raw burger still on there, PLUS charge for the cocktail. Explanation - I ate the onion rings! And, was accused of making up that they were soggy - was told there "is a McDonald's right down the street." Well, would have been a better place to go - wouldn't have paid $30.00 for the heartburn and the attitude! Absolutely amazingly poor attitude - I guess folks here are willing to put up w/ shabby food/service/attitude, etc., but WHY?


lonelyone 5 years, 8 months ago

Harlan has a very good point. the shop owners do get hit up for a lot of things in order to support different clubs in town. But then again the rest of you have valid points too. Craig has a lot to offer and there are things we all wish were better or different in some ways. I think on this issue, no one is going to walk away happy.


grnleaf 5 years, 8 months ago

Craig is a small, isolated community. It would seem the numerous businesses and school district could find a better way to WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY! Instead, there is bickering and this and that. Shame! Some time ago, JB Chapman had offered an idea to local businesses. The idea was that each business would make a one-year donation to the school of their choice that way deleting the need for solititation (please correct my memory if this is incorrect!). There are many great ideas floating around the community, but it seems the ideas are quickly deflated by the same ole' MOCO routine. As long as the line is on ideas, here are a few: keeping the ice rink open during spring break so kids can get some activity during that week, the theatre can offer matinees during the day, maybe even show an "older movie" on the big screen during school breaks, keeping the pool open so families have a place to swim without going to a hotel, moving the carnival to a more weather-convenient time, etc, improving and placing sidewalks through town, a bike trail along the river that goes from one end of town to another, a Recreation Center...there are so many IDEAS that could make Craig an even better community. Not everyone can afford to get out of town on breaks, and being tight- knit, it would seem the community could be a bit more accomodating to the people who live, shop, pay tax dollars and invest in the town. Perhaps it's about thinking outside the box and implementing these things that could strengthen a dying community. I couldn't really tell if Irene is more upset with the negative chatter about Craig, the community its self, the people or all forementioned combined. This letter along with 'Should I Move to Craig' has sparked enough discussion that leaders should be paying attention and planning to take action for the GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY AND THE PEOPLE. If not, there are plenty of other places to live. Maybe the bravery to move along needs to come from the people and not the leaders?


mmg3647 5 years, 8 months ago

We recently confronted what was quickly becoming a fact of life for our family: the downturn in both local and national economies was forcing us to take a good, hard look at whether or not it was viable for us to remain living in Craig. Expensive food, expensive gasoline, and what we perceived to be a general (not total, but a general) unwillingness by our community leaders to embrace progressive ideas that would enhance the quality of life in Craig were all contributing factors in our decision making process. Our solution? After much soul searching, we moved out of Craig. Not out of State, but out of Moffat County. I am both delighted and sorry to say that it was an excellent decision. We have not forgotten that there are wonderful businesses in Craig, owned by personal friends. We will patronize their places of business when we come back to visit, and we wish them luck and continued success. We still have friends and family in Craig, and miss them each day. We loved the recreational opportunities that Craig afforded, but also wished for paved bike paths and shoulders, so that we wouldn't feel like we were risking our lives each time we rode our bikes. We now live in a place with more services and amenities than we could ever have imagined. Recreational, social and cultural events are numerous and varied. It has been a good move for us, but we still feel the pull of Craig. However, we won't be residents again, until positive changes are made. I hope those who have the ideas will keep working for change. We tried, but we just ran out of time. Our wish is that Craig's community leaders will hear what the residents are saying, and follow through with creative ideas for improvement. We raised our children in Craig. We know what it can become, but there is much work to be done.


George Robertson 5 years, 8 months ago

Well mmg3647 atleast you did what the article requested, you left! Unfortunately you Continue to criticize?


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