County commission addresses safety center during night meeting


Craig resident Tony St. John expressed concern Tuesday night that the Moffat County Commission and Craig City Council hadn’t attended meetings each governing body has hosted about the Moffat County Public Safety Center.

“We need to get on the same page,” said St. John, a former Craig City Council member.

“It seems like the bottom line is that the citizens of Moffat County and Craig are going to be the ones affected by what’s going on. I just think the city and the county — we need to get you together.”

St. John’s comments were part of a discussion during a special night meeting hosted by the county commission.

He was one of about 20 residents to attend the meeting, which included a presentation from Moffat County Budget Analyst Tinneal Gerber about the public safety center costs and tax distribution.

Commissioner Tom Gray said the purpose of the meeting was not to negotiate in public.

“There’s some nuances in the contract we can’t debate here, to get to the final figure of what the rent should be,” Gray said. “It is fairly cut and dry, but there are some nuances that we want to negotiate on if we go back to a rental agreement.”

Dave DeRose, a former Craig mayor, also attended the meeting. He was mayor when the original lease was signed.

“What bothers me is all the hours and cooperation and work we put in to make this public safety center a reality now appears to be going down the wayside, and I have a problem with that,” he said.

Commissioner Audrey Danner said she believed negotiations would be finalized before August.

Both St. John and DeRose brought up the original intent of the lease, noting that no specific numbers were given to keep one side from getting a bad deal.

St. John said he felt like it would be a “good working machine.”

County commissioner Tom Mathers said if the commission had followed the original public safety center lease, it would have prevented negotiations.

“Tony, if we’d have started and went directly to that document and said, ‘That’s what we’re going to do, what that document says,’ none of this would have happened, absolutely,” Mathers said. “It was different people, different ideas.”

Craig resident Ken Wergin said he was upset by the negotiations being stalled, which Danner took responsibility for.

“I asked because I felt like our relationships were in jeopardy at the moment,” Danner said.

St. John asked the commissioners whether future negotiating sessions had been scheduled. Danner said they hadn’t, but a date is being discussed.

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justthefacts 6 years ago

Fact: The County Commissioners holding their first night meeting in years on the exact same night as a City Council meeting, speaks volumes about how much the Commissioners would like to include the City and Citizens of Craig their business. ( NOT AT ALL!!!!)

Fact: Commissioner Danner tried to stall talks on the Public Safety Center until new Council persons that she could mannipulate were elected.

Fact: It didn't work, same people were elected. ( New Plan??)

Fact: The Commissioners keep raking in the money on energy leases but don't believe in sharing with the 85% of their constituents that live Craig. ( Sorry not County residents!!!)

Fact: Tony St John and Dave Derose are right, the Commissiners need to play ball with the City council!!!!!

Just The " batter up" Facts


wellwell 6 years ago

Announcer: It is time for "Back Your Facts"!!!!!

Audience: Applause and chants Back Your Facts, Back Your Facts, Back Your Facts.........

Show Host: Last week our contestant was on vacation and did not want to play "Back Your Facts", but are you ready to play "Back Your Facts"???

Audience: Back Your Facts, Back Your Facts,Back ............

Host: Well, it looks like the audience is demanding you to "Back Your Facts"!!!!!

So hear are "Facts" that you need to "Back" this week.

1) The commissioners don't want the city and citizens of Craig in their business. Back Your Facts!

2) Commissioner Danner tried to stall talks.....and manipulate new council members. Back Your Facts!

3) Same people elected...Back Your Facts!

4) County don't believe in sharing.... Back Your Facts!

Host: Well, there you have it. Will Just the Facts (JTF) be able to "Back Your Facts" or will there be a "vacation" of "Back Your Facts? reply?

Audience: Back Your Facts, Back Your Facts, and applause

Host: Stay tuned to see if JTF can "Back Your Facts". Good Night now and remember don't call it a "fact" if you can't "Back Your Facts" !!!!!!


Ray Cartwright 6 years ago

Well I have been waiting but I do believe that Just the Facts has now been changed to Just The (sit down and shut up) Facts


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