Ed Winters: Station talk ‘appalling’


To the editor:

The thought that Craig is in need of a second firehouse is appalling. I understand the residents of Moffat County passed the mill levy increase for the fire protection district in 2006, but since then have the residents seen an increase in service provided?

I say no.

The fire department is great at saving the foundation, but how many actual structures have been saved by the fire department?

By their own admission, the number of services has remained static, or slightly increasing, over the past five years. Meanwhile, the population of Moffat County has only marginally increased over the past 10 years.

A second firehouse, training center, exercise and education rooms, and living quarters — that sounds a lot like a full-time paid fire department is coming next.

Will the fire department be asking for another mill increase to accommodate that?

What hasn’t been discussed is what new equipment will be at the second firehouse. I am guessing rescue vehicles, pumpers and the like.

So, the need of new equipment to fill the second firehouse is next. What would be the efficiency of sharing vehicles between both firehouses?

That doesn’t solve anything, but it certainly can increase confusion in response to an emergency.

I have a novel idea — take the surplus that the fire department has enjoyed since the mill increase has gone into effect and return it to the taxpayers of Moffat County.

Ed Winters

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xrsareus 5 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Winters comment...."The fire department is great at saving the foundation, but how many actual structures have been saved by the fire department?" So is it safe to say, you will not call the fire department if your house is on fire? What would be the use with a comment like that. You should be ashamed making a comment like that about dedicated men and women who risk their lives to protect our lives and property. Sometimes we might not agree with decisions a government organization makes but we should never put down people that are there for us. Just my opinion, you owe the firefighters an apology.


greenie52 5 years, 11 months ago

they must not have liked my other comment , but the fire chief is not all that you think he is , why do we have to pay for him to have a vehicle that he drives to work and to Steamboat or for his family use at tax payers cost. This is way out of line , the man makes over 100,000 a year at Tri-State and he is just using the tax payers .


craigamerica 5 years, 11 months ago

I wonder how many personal miles he reports to the Fire Department's accounting for the 1099 required by the IRS and I bet the log required for documentation could be very interesting - like all miles are business related?


tselan 5 years, 11 months ago

It isn't about the service provided the service is fine if not better. The vehicle right or wrong don't really bother me, think of the absurd amount of police vehicles and there abuse, The question as i see it, is it really necessary and is that the best use/value for the $? The money they have is not enough, it never is. That means we get stuck paying for the rest of it. Exactly why build a training center when there is one as close as Hayden and Rifle? I'm sure if we talked with there facilities an agreement could be reached for our men to train there, for much cheaper. In the article they said it was short sighted to wait but in the current hostile environment the energy industry is facing what makes them think we will continue to grow? More likely in this boom bust town of Craig with out the coal we will shrink. If that happens we will get stuck paying for a second station that does not increase coverage. As for them saying building coast are down? Do they believe this or are they selling it to me? Gas/diesel going up daily and they think building coast are going down? The only coast that is down is labor because no one has a job. I remember voting for the mill in 2006 i think. I also remember voting against this training center before that. When i voted for it, it was for new trucks and equipment. I understand that These things need replaced. I am glad they have been replaced and they have extra money thats good! Why is it they want to spend it so bad? How about save it for the next truck you need and give the rest of us a break. You have extra so your idea is to spend it and ask for more typical government thinking. In reality the mill increase in 2006 should be voided, they should keep the extra $ for future coasts and training. Times are hard and getting harder for every one, everyone not living on the tax payer dime. If this is built the other one should be sold and the money put in to the new one. If they think they are going on a overly large amount of calls let them only respond to fires and mojor car accidents.That should cut there calls and the demand on them and us.


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago

You know what I find appalling? Drunk drivers crashing their way through our city streets! Maybe Mr. Winters could focus on that issue.

Even when it is simply a suggestion the truth hurts!


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago

It is true that Mr. Winter's wife was recently arrested for DUI after she ran her car into the one hour photo store but I reserve the right to blog about the truth according to me.

Thank you......come again!


Rebelgirl 5 years, 11 months ago

My question is if the comments are about the chief and his personal use of the suburban and your personal dislike for him then you are off topic. So you don't like him, why punish they whole department because you have personal vendetas against the chief or board. My suggestion is if you do not like the way the FD is operated get off your butt and do something about it. I see a lot of talk and complaining on here but if you dont like it put up or shut up. I can bet that well over half of you couldnt pass the physical portion of the testing. Heaven forbid you dedicate the time to the training. If you don't like something instead of getting off the couch and doing something you would rather someone else do it for you. Way to go!!! I am in support of the training tower, the sleeping quarters can wait. I don't think any of you realize what it would take to send the department to Tristate to train, you cant just drive out there to train. There are whole other safety matters at hand. For those of you who suggest Hayden or Rifle, next you would complain about having to pay for them to do that, fuel is not cheap! That and who will save your house, or pull you out of the car, or help save your family member when they are dying if the FF are out of town training? The FF do more than "just seek adrenalin for the glory of it" they test your house for carbon monoxide when the detectors go off so you and your children can sleep at night without dying. They assist the ambulance in cardiac calls as well as many other medical calls, help free people from car accidents, help rescue people from the river, save them from falling off the sandrocks when they realize they cannot get down themselvs. Who is here when they are not??? Its so typical in America for someone to exersice their freedom of speech against what they do not like yet they are not willing to step forward to change it. So again if all you can do is sit and compalin rather than applying for the dept and changing it from the inside your words are empty and mean nothing. If you want something to change do it yourself, prove that there are better people for the job, or keep your complaints to yourself.


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago


You encourage drunk drivers crashing through our streets? Is that the bad idea I am supporting? because I never said whether or not I am for or against a second station.

I do oppose your ridiculous ideas about taking fire district mills and giving them to the school district as a solution to the schools budget cuts. I didn't oppose those because I support the second station. I opposed them because you presented an impossible solution and then defended it as the gospel truth. Don't get me wrong your station comments are equally ridiculous because you use the same argument for both topics including your obvious dislike for Bill Johnston.

Truth is I like most taxpayers will educate myself on the topic and if I really need to voice my opinion I will do it at one of the meetings they hold.

tell the truth...you have to be tired of me owning you.


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