‘Ugly Three’ focus of upcoming Craig Chamber of Commerce forum


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What: Craig Chamber of Commerce public forum on “The Ugly Three”

When: 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday

Where: Council chambers at Craig City Hall, 300 W. Fourth St.

— The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call Chamber Director Christina Oxley at 824-5689 or e-mail director@craig-ch...

The Craig Chamber of Commerce is hosting a public forum Thursday night on local impacts of “The Ugly Three” — Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 — according to a news release.

City of Craig and Moffat County School District officials, as well as Reeves Brown, executive director of the Western Slope lobbying group Club 20, will speak to community members about “how these measures hamstring the state and local communities,” according to the release.

There will also be an opportunity for the public to ask questions.

The forum is scheduled to take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday in the council chambers at Craig City Hall, 300 W. Fourth St. The event is free.

The Chamber is opposed to each of the proposals.

Below is a brief description of each proposal, which will appear before voters in the Nov. 2 general election:

• Amendment 60 — Proposes amending the state constitution to cut property taxes for school districts in half by 2020; repealing all elections that allowed local governments to retain property tax revenues above Taxpayer Bill of Rights limits; requiring future retention votes to expire after four years; requires future votes to increase property taxes to expire after 10 years; requiring the state to backfill for reduced property tax revenues; requiring public enterprises and authorities to pay property taxes; requiring local governments to cut property taxes to offset these new revenues; and reset local TABOR limits to lower levels.

“Local voters throughout Colorado have chosen to give greater flexibility to their school districts, library districts, fire departments, police departments and other services to meet local needs,” the Chamber reported in the news release. “If Amendment 60 passes, local control would be usurped by the state, resulting in financial chaos for local communities and especially for our schools.”

• Amendment 61 — Proposes amending the state constitution to ban all borrowing by the state; lower caps on local borrowing by 60 percent or more; limit local borrowing to 10 years; require voter approval of borrowing; and require taxes be cut when borrowing is paid off.

“Bonding is a prudent form of financing that governments have relied on for decades,” the Chamber reported. “Bonding makes it possible to build schools, fire stations, water projects, prisons, airports, health facilities, highways, transit, colleges … the list goes on and on.”

• Proposition 101 — Proposes changing state law to reduce income taxes from 4.63 percent to 3.5 percent over time; slash taxes and fees on vehicles; exempt leased and rented vehicles from sales tax; exempt first $10,000 of vehicle purchase from sales tax; eliminate fees on telecommunications, except 911; set a lower TABOR revenue limit; and require voter approval of fees on vehicles and telecommunications.

The proposal “eliminates a major funding source for road and bridge construction across the state,” the Chamber reported.

In its 2010 Ballot Guide, the Bell Policy Center, a non-partisan, non-profit organization in Denver, described the three proposals in the same way.

“One of three deceptive measures that will blow a $5.5 billion hole in public services, throw tens of thousands of Coloradans out of work, and make it nearly impossible to build roads, schools and other public assets,” the organization wrote in the guide.

For more information about these issues or Thursday’s forum, call Chamber Director Christina Oxley at 824-5689, or e-mail her at director@craig-chamber.com.


alneal 6 years, 6 months ago

When I saw the headline "Ugly Three", I thought you were talking about the County Commissioners! (just kidding)


wellwell 6 years, 6 months ago

That was a good one for a laugh!! Thanks for belly laugh!


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