U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., left, shakes hands with Larry Neu, a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265, on Saturday at the American Legion. During Salazar’s visit, he announced he has introduced a federal resolution to rename the Craig VA Telehealth Outreach Clinic after Major William E. Adams, a Medal of Honor recipient and former Craig resident.

Photo by Shawn McHugh

U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., left, shakes hands with Larry Neu, a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265, on Saturday at the American Legion. During Salazar’s visit, he announced he has introduced a federal resolution to rename the Craig VA Telehealth Outreach Clinic after Major William E. Adams, a Medal of Honor recipient and former Craig resident.

Congressman announces step to rename Craig VA clinic after local hero


For more than a year, a Craig resident has worked to honor the memory and military service of a local fallen hero.

Larry Neu, a Vietnam veteran and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 quartermaster, has spearheaded several projects in honor of Major William E. Adams, a Medal of Honor recipient and former Craig resident.

During a Saturday stop in Craig, U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., announced he has taken another step in hopes of helping Neu in his mission.

Salazar announced he has introduced a federal resolution to rename the Craig VA Telehealth Outreach Clinic after Maj. Adams.

Adams, a U.S. Army helicopter pilot, was killed in action in 1971 while trying to evacuate wounded soldiers from a hostile area in the Kontum Province of Vietnam.

He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor — the highest honor a veteran can receive after risking his or her life in combat.

Salazar’s resolution was introduced July 20 to the U.S. House of Representatives and was assigned to the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

If passed, the resolution would rename the VA clinic the “Major William Edward Adams Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic.”

Neu said he was encouraged by Salazar’s actions concerning Maj. Adams and the VA Clinic.

“It is something that I have worked for a long time to get this hero the proper recognition he deserves in this community,” he said.

In a news release, Salazar said the resolution has the support of all U.S. House Representatives from Col-

orado, and he is working to “get it passed as soon as possible.”

The clinic is currently in the process of moving to a new location inside of The Memorial Hospital’s former building, said April Branstetter, a nurse at the clinic.

Branstetter said the clinic plans move from its current location at 551 Tucker St., to the new space in late October.

The new location is larger and will have more rooms, she said. The VA clinic has occupied its current space for about three years. Salazar was instrumental in bringing a VA clinic to Craig, Neu said.

In the release, Salazar said the VA clinic has been more successful than “any of us could have imagined.”

“Bureaucrats at the VA in Washington, D.C., doubted me that there was a sufficient need to justify putting a clinic in Craig,” Salazar said in the release. “We’ve shown them. The VA tells me that we are on track to have over 1,700 visits this year, saving our local veterans hundreds of hours of travel time to Denver and Grand Junction, and thousands of dollars in travel costs.”

Neu said Salazar toured the new location of the VA clinic Saturday with members of the VFW, American Legion Post 62 and clinic staff.

The clinic’s possible new name is one of several projects Neu has spearheaded, with local help, to honor Maj. Adams.

“He never received the proper recognition in his own community,” Neu said.

In May, the state legislature passed a resolution introduced by state Sen. Al White, R-Hayden, to rename the portion of Colorado Highway 13 that runs through Moffat County the “Maj. William Adams Medal of Honor Highway.”

Neu said four signs were placed along the highway about three weeks ago to inform travelers of the highway’s new designation. Two were placed along the highway at the north and south ends of Craig, and two at the borders of Wyoming and Rio Blanco County, he said.

Local residents and the Colorado Department of Transportation supported the project, Neu said.

“I know a lot of people are seeing them,” he said of the signs. “They are beautiful, big blue signs.”


John Kinkaid 6 years, 7 months ago

This is a very rare photo of John Salazar in Craig, circa 2010. Hopefully, this January seeing him in Washington,D.C. will be very rare also.


Ray Cartwright 6 years, 7 months ago

Town hall meeting by a politian. (definition: 1. Always held during the day. 2. Always held in the middle of the week) Any way that it can be arranged to hold it when the working public can't attend. Why bother jasonbourne they won't care what you have to say anyway. You only have one vote and it isn't worth a hill of beans compared to the votes that are available on the eastern slope....


wellwell 6 years, 7 months ago

Well, your phone may ring some evening and when you answer the moderator will invite you to a town hall meeting with Salazar. After about one minute of listening your invited to ask a question. All three of the times I did ask a question. I listened as he answered calls for 2 hours. He had some very tough questions that he skillfully and slickly answered. He would skillfully say, "that's a good question" then saying something flattering, "You must be a good parent," then launch into parenting instead of answering the question. Somehow it got back to a rant on illegal aleins. Oh, I do agree about that issue, just not as strongly and long winded.

On the questions I asked, never was picked. John often related how many were on line, "over a thousand on line!" "we start at 800-now 900!" I began to think Jerry Lewis might show up. During those 2 hours he asnwered maybe 10 questions.


jeff corriveau 6 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Salazar is one slick politician! Come to Craig to announce something and avoid being held accountable for his performance in Congress. PLEASE remember that this is the same guy who voted for Obamacare AND the stimulus bill, costing us TRILLIONS in taxes! He really is a wolf in Democratic sheep clothing! Let's do our very best to return him to the Arkansas valley and send Scott Tipton to Washington, where someone will honestly represent the needs and desires of the 3rd Congressional District!


LibertyNow 6 years, 7 months ago

We don’t know if the folks involved with Rep. John Salazar’s re-election campaign are feeling desperate, or simply believe that going negative against an opponent is the way to win votes. Whatever the thinking, it can’t excuse Salazar’s latest attack on Republican Scott Tipton, a turgid television zinger that attempts to paint Tipton as a Wall Street fat cat and personal beneficiary of bank bailout funds approved by Congress.

The new ad’s initial dart at Tipton claims, “Tipton served on the board of a bank that took bailout funds.”

The only thing accurate about the statement is that Tipton did, indeed serve on the board of directors of Vectra Bank for six years. But he ended that service in 2005, three years before Congress approved bank bailout money through the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Also, Vectra didn’t directly receive TARP funds. Its holding company, Zions Bancorporation, did.

Furthermore, even if Tipton had been on the board of a bank when it received TARP money, those funds went to cover troubled loans. It did not go to bank directors personally.

The ad also refers to “multimillionaire banker Scott Tipton.” But sitting on the board of directors of a bank does not make one a banker. The bulk of Tipton’s private career has been operating his own retail business in Cortez. He can correctly say he has never been a banker.

Salazar’s ad also targets Tipton because Tipton had “investments in banks taking $125 billion in bailout funds.”

But millions of Americans own stock in companies such as Citigroup and Bank of America — either directly or through mutual funds. Are they also “greedy Wall Street fat cats,” as the ad implies Tipton is? TARP funds no doubt helped bank stock prices, but the money didn’t go directly to stockholders. It went to keep banks afloat that might otherwise have gone bankrupt from bad loans.

The ad also makes a point of the fact Salazar voted against the initial TARP bill in 2008. It neglects to mention that the congressman voted for the extension of TARP in 2009.

Finally, Salazar’s repeated reference to Tipton as a “multimillionaire” is a blatant attempt to incite voter envy toward a man who built a successful business over three decades. It is an issue that cuts both ways.

Will Salazar also decry the two men at the top of his Democratic Party ticket in Colorado — John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet — because they are wealthy? Salazar himself owns assets — mostly farmland — valued at several million dollars, according to his congressional disclosure statement from last year.

On virtually every level, Salazar’s latest attack on Tipton is wrong or misleading. It is exactly the kind of campaign nonsense that fuels voter cynicism and anger.


jeff corriveau 6 years, 7 months ago

LibertyNow: Nicely said! So, it seems that Mr. Salazar is NOT the gentleman rancher he would have us believe. He's just another "in lockstep with Washington" liberal politician who will do ANYTHING to keep his job. Having met Scott Tipton, and watching how he has run his campaign, he deserves to have my vote. Salazar, on the other hand, deserves to go back to the farm!!!! If only we could get his brother to join him there, we'd all be better off!!!!!


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