Cartwright: Ban outside vendors?


To the editor:

I found it somewhat amusing as I drove through Craig on Saturday afternoon on my way home from Art ‘n the Park’n Lot.

Low and behold, there was someone set up outside of the Checker Store, selling footwear. It didn’t appear that the shoes were being sold by any local merchant.

In lieu of the protests and letters after the rogue car sales that took place, I would think that the businesses that sell shoes would be up in arms over someone coming into Craig and undercutting their sales.

Just think of the lost sales tax that the city is not going to collect. It might even be as much as $50, but hey, every dollar of revenue counts in rough times.

Should we ban all sales from outside vendors in support of “shop locally?”

Just ranting.

Ray Cartwright

P.S. — Yard sale people, your signs are getting out of hand this year on the corner by Safeway again.


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