Ed and Shannan Koucherik: We need an alternative


To the editor:

We are sadly resigned to the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s plan to decimate up to 75 percent of the deer population in Craig.

While we understand that there have been some isolated incidents of deer being aggressive, it’s hard to believe that there are not some alternatives available.

We agree that injured and sick animals should be humanely killed, but the approach of trapping and/or shooting deer of all ages and gender doesn’t seem to fall under the heading of good wildlife management.

Using the term “euthanize” is just an effort to keep the program as politically correct and “clean” as possible.

We are particularly concerned that the animals caught in traps and nets will be subjected to unnecessary stress and panic as they are taken away from the public eye to be shot.

We ask the Craig City Council to consider amending this plan to kill the deer on the site where they are caught to minimize their trauma.

This method would also minimize the danger of DOW/volunteer workers being injured by panicked deer. A point blank shot to the head would be quick and not likely to stray to an unintended target.

We do support a strong fine system for city residents who continue to feed deer and encourage them in town.

Those people are definitely part of the general problem.

Ed and Shannan Koucherik


als362 6 years, 6 months ago

I believe that this whole deer issue is an issue to be handled by the property owner, not the government. There is far too much government in our lives now we don't need more. if those that claim to be having all these problems, then they should be responsible for taking care of these problems on their own.


als362 6 years, 6 months ago

I also think a good start to end this deer issue would be stiff sentences for feeding the deer. I think the sentence for the first offense should be a fine of $500.00. For the second offense, $1000.00, and for the third a week in jail. These sentences should be imposed for those that feed the deer either directly, by putting out food specifically for the deer or indirectly by putting out food for other creatures such as birds or squirrels that the deer have access to and will eat. Both cause the same problem and curbing both will help lower the number of deer in town because there will be less for them to eat.


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