Letter to the Editor: Vote no on 101, 60, 61


To the editor:

We are writing to ask voters to vote no on Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61. You have probably heard that these measures would have devastating impacts on state and county revenue, jobs, and school districts. Passage of these measures would also hurt more than 400 individuals and families who receive services from our organizations in Moffat and Routt counties. All three organizations receive state and county funding, which pays for employees who help people. State and county funding pays for van drivers who take people with disabilities to work or to doctor appointments. State and county funding pays for specially trained professionals to work with children and young adults who have an autism spectrum disorder and its related disabilities to help them maximize their quality of life and be a productive part of their community. State and county funding pays for counselors who work in group homes to keep people with developmental disabilities safe and healthy. Passage of these three measures will inevitably reduce funding which will hurt people by: 1) taking away the jobs of people employed by our organizations and 2) by reducing the services and supports we provide to individuals with disabilities and their families who have nowhere else to go for help. On behalf of the families who would be hurt by the passage of these measures, we urge you to vote no.

Susan Mizen and the Board of Directors of Horizons Specialized Services

Evelyn Tileston of The Independent Life Center

Lu Etta Loeber and the Board of Directors of The Yampa Valley Autism Program


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