Andy and Karol Bullen: 'Childish argument'


To the editor:

This is an open letter to the Craig City Council and the Moffat County Commission about the lack of agreement between the parties regarding space in the Moffat County Public Safety Center.

These two elected bodies represent and are paid by essentially the same group of voters. Their law enforcement agencies and infrastructure are financed by that same group of voters.

That group of voters passed the bond issue for the safety center with the understanding that long-term cooperation, consolidation of resources, and increased efficiency of law enforcement operations would be the result.

Now we the voters see our two separate elected bodies having a childish argument about “who makes the rules.”

Whether it is paid for by the county or the city, the money comes from the same pocket — ours. And, as we are all aware, it is not a deep pocket.

Any move of the Craig Police Department out of the safety center will be throwing our money away. It is time for our elected officials to remember who elected them. It is time for our elected officials to cooperate in protecting the interests of the people who elected them.

It is time for our elected officials to find common ground and work together. It is time for our elected officials to remember that the city of Craig and Moffat County are the same people with the same interests.

We elected these people to represent and protect our interest. When they fail to do so, we can elect someone else.

Andy and Karol Bullen


j4mom7 6 years, 5 months ago

Well said! My thoughts exactly! These "adults" need to stop acting like 3 year olds and remember they are playing in the same game for the same team, and the tax-paying voters are the coach. This isn't an "us and them" situation. Given the choices we had at the time, the majority of us picked what we thought were the best people for the job. Same with the Safety Center...the majority of us agreed the best use of our tax dollars was to house our LEO's in the same area where they could all share resources and avoid duplication. Now it's time for the players to step up to the plate, figure out how to cooperate, and do whats best for the team, which is all the citizens of Moffat County.


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

If the City Of Craig agreed to pay these fees after the initial free period, I don't understand why they just don't do what they agreed to. Certainly it is written down in a contract. Anytime I agree to something in a contract I am expected to follow through with my agreement. Why not the city?
I can understand the council wanting to save money. But an agreement is an agreement. The city will never be able to build its own building for sale price I read in the paper a few days ago.


David Moore 6 years, 5 months ago

Why doesn't the county let the city pay $270,000 for 4 years and let the city own the space? Seems more logical than kicking them out and creating an empty hole in a very expensive building. Another thing those who are actually paying for it should get to vote on. A good topic for another DP reader poll, I can pretty much predict the outcome. Do any of our elected officials really think that they do what the voters want them to do? It seems they have a path of their own and an agenda to match given some of the far out decisions made lately. I agree with the above comments, stop acting like children and just do what's right.


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

I think paying the 1.08 million, which is $270,000.00 for 4 years, and owning the space is the best and cheapest option available. There is no way the city can build any kind of secure structure for that amount of money. Besides that the benefit of having all law enforcement under one roof is an added advantage. I do not understand why the city doesn't just knuckle down and pay it.


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

Maybe if the city doesn't have the money to pay for this commitment then the city should sell municipal bonds to amass the money they need for this. I would much rather the city did something like that instead of raising taxes or inventing a tax that we will be paying forever.


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