Illena Updike: Solution for deer issue


To the editor:

I have been reading all the letters on the deer that are in town.

For a long time, they were in the country and that was great with all the people. Now they are in town and causing a lot of conflict.

If people have to neuter and spay their cats and dogs, why not the deer? Then they can be tagged, so when new ones come to town, you will know it.

In time, the deer will thin themselves. This way it will work for both sides.

Illena Updike


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

Sounds like a terribly large expense just to satisfy a few. If the rumor of heart worms is true, much of this "problem" will more than likely die off this winter.


Rebelgirl 6 years, 5 months ago

Yeah I don't see how spaying or neutering the deer with solve the problem. Most wild animals don't do well with being caught, knocked out, cut up then released. I agree with als if its expensive enough to "fix" our domesticated animals how much for a deer?? The last time I checked unless you are breeding animals for a reason you should have your pets spayed or neutered to prevent the problems we have with ferrel animals right now. I still find it funny though that the town finds this to be such a big issue cause a handful of people that see animals as a problem. Humans in the end are what will destroy the earth not the deer that attack your dog that is secured in a yard or on a leash as the current law states


David Moore 6 years, 5 months ago

Here is some useful information that might explain the costs and benefits of methods used to control urban deer populations. Contraception and sterilization might sound like a good idea but the cost is very high for something that may, or may not, work. You will need Adobe Acrobat or an equivalent to read this pdf file:

While it may be info from Wisconsin, where other deer species pose a much bigger problem, the methods used are generally across the board ideas that come up wherever I look. I search "urban deer management" and am able to come up with a whole host of places to get useful information. It is because of some of these sites that I altered my outlook on the population control idea, I am still against mass eradication though. This is something that cannot be rushed through and I am happy that there has been a committee formed and that they seem to be thinking this through, not overreacting to a few whiners.


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