Karen Vassek: No ‘problem’ with deer


To the editor:

I have read all the letters concerning the “deer problem” in Craig. I personally feel there is no problem.

I love them here and so does everyone I have talked to. We have watched many fawns grow up, including some triplets. I love to watch all the deer in our yards.

We only have five or six people who want them removed. When I discuss the “problem” with others, we quickly state our feelings on the matter and go on to another bigger problem in this town.

If Craig wants to remove something that is a real problem in our town, then I vote we remove all the illegal immigrants here and all the worthless politicians.

Karen Vassek


David Moore 6 years, 4 months ago

Great letter, now that's "trapping and relocation". Can we send all the perverts & wife beaters with them?


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

I recently talked to a local rancher that lives in town, who told me after inspecting some feces found in his yard that the deer have heart worms. The rancher said if the city wants the deer thinned out, just wait for winter and nature will do it without any interference from us. Perhaps what is needed first is to get a local vet to see if heart worms are indicated before any other action is taken.


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