Clarence Corriveau: Deer problem ‘solvable’


To the editor:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

The deer “problem” is infinitely solvable. Individually.

Repellants seem to be Cabela’s solution.

What is obvious to me is that the mayor is trying to placate a few loud individuals. Now he has formed a committee. Yee golly, folks.

The problem is the mayor and the Craig City Council

How many times have we seen a minority position to be the imposed solution on us all, sacrificing freedom for “safety?”

Stand up and let animal control get rid of diseased animals, and make the people responsible individually for their own yard. Use fences, repellants, etc., the way the rest of the real universe does it. And, keep your dogs in the yard.

Enough said. Fight for real problems — go out and get rid of that stupid Colorado law that is controlling shutdown of the Hayden plant.

Where have the real people of Craig gone?

Clarence Corriveau


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

I agree with Mr. Corriveau 100%. This business of keeping deer out of peoples yards is an individual responsibility, not a task for the city or tax dollars. People need to understand that the government is not here to hold their hand and solve ever little percieved problem that they might have.


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