Mike Wilson: ‘Leave the deer alone’


To the editor:

The wife and I have been reading all the opinions regarding the so-called deer problem in Craig.

What a mess that’s turned into.

We live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, in a subdivision of 292 homes out in the country. The subdivision has a covenant that states “no domestic animals such as dogs, cats or other, can run loose.”

They have to be on a leash or in a secure fenced area at all times. We have approximately 30 black-tail deer that roam throughout the subdivision daily.

Yes, they do eat prized landscaping unless one fences it off, which is what we do.

Since dogs are not allowed to roam freely, we have never seen a deer being chased by one. Deer are wild animals and will protect themselves when it appears danger is imminent, and yes, they will protect their fawns with vigor, so leave them alone.

If those that are complaining to the Colorado Division of Wildlife to do something will only learn to live with them, the problem will be solved.

Some in our subdivision have complained to our DOW about deer damaging shrubs, flowers. etc., and were told by officials nothing can be done about this and just learn to live with the wild animals in the area.

So be it. This is what the Colorado DOW should have said. Instead, they took the easy way out. Shame on them.

Now folks, you should consider an ordnance prohibiting dogs from running loose (I know this won’t happen, but it should be done). Your dogs can be walked on a leash for exercise for both of you.

That’s what we see daily, and yes, the owners pick up after their pets every time so your property stays clear of this problem. This doesn’t occur when dogs run free. They will always find an area away from their property to “do their thing”.

Leave the deer alone and quit griping about such trivial things.

Mike Wilson

Sequim, Wash.


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

Hooray for Mr. Wilson! Here is a man that has his head squarely on his shoulders, has the correct ideas to solve a non-problem. I couldn't agree with him more.


wellwell 6 years, 4 months ago

Like John Denver used to say, "Far out man!" and that is how far out some of the DOW and Council are - to way out Washington.


ColoradoNative1 6 years, 4 months ago

Agreed! Why is it that people think it's their dogs' right to run free (and, another pet peeve (no pun intended) is the people who "must" bring their dogs to whatever event is going on in town even though dogs are supposed to be prohibited)? There have been problems with dogs running free in packs and chasing down deer, etc. There should be strict laws (and strict enforcement) preventing dogs from running loose. They certainly cause more problems than the deer!


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

I agree with you about the dogs. I used to have a major problem in my neighborhood with unleashed dogs, but after the Sheriffs Dept. gave several of my neighbors several tickets for these unleashed dogs, these people now seem to be educated in proper dog etiquette.
The problem now is with cats. Many in my neighborhood believe it is correct to allow their cats to run anywhere they wish, anytime they wish. I believe this is wrong. These cats dig, scratch, urinate and deficate in my yard. They kill the song birds that visit my trees. And have killed rabbits and squirrels in my yard. I have tried to chase them off, but they always return.
I believe it should be legal to kill these cats. If it were, the people that own these cats would make it more of a point of keeping their cats on their own property where they belong.


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