Cathy Copeland: Council should listen


To the editor:

Wow. Nothing else fits for what I experienced at the Craig City Council meeting Tuesday.

And, it’s not even a good wow. I brought my 10-year-old son to this meeting because I thought it was an opportunity to see how a government entity can work with the people, and listen to the people.

Wow, did I became a liar.

The city council meeting started in a normal fashion: pledge, approval of the minutes, approval of liquor licenses, approval of bills paid for October, which, by the way, made my son gasp in surprise as to how much money it takes to make this small town of ours run.

Then our mayor moved into the deer discussion, and within minutes he made a comment that took me by surprise. It was along the lines of nothing more can be said that hasn’t already been said.

He explained that the council had received ample e-mails and phone calls addressing this matter from those for and against the removal of the deer, or at a minimum thinning out the herd.

My question is, how do you know that someone in the audience didn’t have the million dollar idea that would make both sides happy?

For what my opinion is worth, I absolutely love looking out my window and seeing a beautiful doe nursing her young.

What a miracle and truly a blessing it is that I live in a place that I get this opportunity.

But, this letter is not to express my dismay for the thoughts of some, rather the disgust I have for the way the people were silenced in that crowded room

Not only that no opinions, other than those of the council, were allowed to be heard in a public forum.

From what I observed, all but one, maybe two, of the council members were for the death to Bambi and his mom. Will the majority really have a voice, or will those in power that we elected to that position make the decision for the minority opinion that they are members of?

Unfortunately, this field trip to a Craig City Council meeting was indeed a bad parenting decision on my behalf.

Whatever the decision, please back it up with respect to these animals. Go with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and be there looking into the eyes of that animal as it is euthanized.

If this is the solution you as a council decide, you should witness the life leaving their eyes.

Cathy Copeland


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

I had considered attending that meeting, but was tired and opted not to go. I am glad now that I did not. I had a comment to enter, and would not have been allowed to do that. On one hand I can understand why the crowd was gagged. The Mayor and the council have probably heard and read thousands of comments during the week leading up to that meeting. On the other hand, these types of public forums, where a person can stand up and make their opinion known to the lawmaker, is one of the things that make this country the free place that it is. So that makes me disappointed that the crowd was gagged. As far as it being a bad parenting decision, I disagree. This was one meeting. Now you need to take your son to another. He will not learn about government with one trip to a city council meeting. While this may have not been all you expected it to be, there will be other chances, and other meetings. Who knows you may nurture in him the desire to be the next great leader that this city, county, state or country needs.


onewhocares 6 years, 5 months ago

Very good letter Cathy. My question is, how are the actions of the mayor, (silencing the people to avoid discussion on the deer issue & possible solutions), a democracy? That's more of an example of what a fascist gov't would do. A true democracy would take a vote on the issue & let the people decide--not the minority in power.

The citizens of this country (incl. me) need to find the strength & courage to stand up to all the politicians who know they can bully the masses & make horrible decisions for the masses, because the general populations are too afraid to find their voices & act like sheep. We, the people need to stop being intimidated by those in power, by empowering themselves first & to stop giving all the control to gov't in every area of ourselves from our healthcare (by playing victims to the doctors & pharmaceutical companies) , to the bankers caused by our debts, and now with the deer turning the control over to the City Council & the DOW instead of just doing what it takes it deter the deer in our yard. Their is nothing more the politicians that are morally corrupt like than a society of sheep.


greenie52 6 years, 5 months ago

very good comment ( onewhocares) When i can drive to Hayden and safe 20 cents a gallon on gas , this city is screwed up, this little mofia has to go and i doubt it will they control this city council and that is why we didn't get a Sonics with Wal-Mart its all about who is paying who. Ad far as the council listening to the people, good luck, Im sure when all those people showed up at that council meeting, the mayor and the others probably started crapping there pants and came up with the bright idea to form a committee , monkey of our backs hmmmmmmmmmmm


taxslave 6 years, 5 months ago

What you should have done is stand up and gag the mayor. I don't know who he thinks he is but somebody better get him off his high horse.

Perhaps he was taking orders from the dark force who came up with the 6.9 percent tax on hotels. Has it been disclosed yet who that clown even is?

Wake up people.


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