Don Marchbanks: Who’s the real victim?


To the editor:

The stories and fairy tale deer attacks are getting lamer and whimpier as days progress.

I mean, come on, you’re hitting a deer with a shovel because it charged you? Or, was it trying to get out the same way it got in after you snuck up and startled it, and you clubbed it with a shovel twice as it was trying to get away?

Sounds like the deer is the victim to me. Who are the victims of the deer attacks?

I haven’t heard of this until recently. And, why are your pets getting that close to the deer? Are they harassing them? And of course, the money part has to make a play in this plan to exterminate the deer.

A fund for victims? Please. Then everyone would become a victim.

I’ve never drove miles from town to see deer — they have always been here. Bears and lions get tranquillized and relocated.

Maybe relocation would be the way to go for the ones that can’t handle small town and country living.

And by the way, most of the animals that hunt deer do live in town. We do everything else there, too.

Don Marchbanks


ColoradoNative1 6 years, 5 months ago

I agree. The guy who killed the deer with a shovel sounded awfully proud of himself. What makes him think the rest of us want to hear the details?


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

I think any fund to get rid of the deer, should be the savings and checking accounts of the ones that want this removal done. Then the ones that want it, can be the ones to pay for it.


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