Bea Whitaker-Hutton: ‘Enjoy’ the deer in Craig


To the editor:

I have been reading the letters in the Craig paper about the deer in town.

I am appalled. I lived in Craig from 1959 until 1974 and managed the Montgomery Ward stores. I felt Craig was fortunate to have deer in town. We moved to Dixon, Wyo., and deer go down my street all the time and my dog barks at them and the deer run the other way.

I have lots of hunters at my house from California and Oregon and they are so thrilled to see deer on our streets. They have never lived in a place like this and they love it, just to see them in town.

I feel like Craig is still my home. I shop there and use the hospital and nursing home there.

I am begging you, enjoy the fact that the deer are seen in town. Maybe that will slow the traffic. Think so?

Please don’t kill these animals.

Bea Whitaker-Hutton


onewhocares 6 years, 5 months ago

Well put Bea, couldn't have said it any better myself !!! The locals have no idea how lucky we are to even see wildlife in our yards. Go to ANY city, particularily Denver, and there won't be a deer in sight, but rather lots of cars, cement & people. If the deer bother you, maybe that is where you should be. Let the rest of us that have lived in huge cities before Craig enjoy the amazing wildlife while we have it.


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