Tim E. Ciesco: Relocate, not exterminate


To the editor:

After attending the mock trial staged by the Craig City Council with an accompanying lynch crowd, I was appalled by what transpired.

I am both pro-hunting and a dog lover, and strongly object to a unilateral decision to eradicate 241-plus deer solely on the basis of three “attacks” on dogs.

I surely sympathize with the dog owners, but I don’t believe this justifies a wide-scale carnage of this sort. This should be resolved on a case-by-case procedure of relocating problem animals.

To ruthlessly kill these deer is totally heartless and borders on the realm of total depravation.

Several questions are raised.

What is the protocol here? Legally, these animals are the property of the people of the state of Colorado, not the Craig City Council.

Were the dogs that were “victimized” on leashes or in fenced yards? Otherwise, there are strict laws in every big-game hunting brochure about dogs harassing wildlife. Deer are lower in the pecking order.

Were any real experts consulted? Wildlife biologists or animal rights groups? Probably not.

What is the number of deer that are legally allowed in an area the size of Craig? Were any deer tagged or surveilled?

I strongly urge the silent majority of the concerned citizens of Craig to take a stand for the defense of these beautiful animals.

Contact every animal ethics group possible. Help exploit this and create widespread interest and scrutiny. It’s about time.

And lastly, I ask the politicians involved to make a more humane evaluation of your consciences.

Do you really want to sign your name to the document that condemns 241-plus of God’s beautiful creatures and may label our town as the “deer killing capital of the world?”

Tim E. Ciesco


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

I agree with the case by case basis. Along with that case by case basis. Those that choose to have their case acted upon should be the ones to pay the full cost of whatever acton is taken. Why should the rest of us pay for something that according to the poll in this paper a very few want?


David Moore 6 years, 4 months ago

What an excellent idea. I wonder how the city would react to, oh...lets say PETA for instance getting involved in the proposed deer slaughter. As much as I am opposed to some of PETA's ideology and tactics, I would support them interfering just this once to shut the deer haters up for good. I'd bet they would not approve of this nonsense one bit. I can hear the gears turning already.........


onewhocares 6 years, 4 months ago

I wonder what the big news channels would say if they got wind of this. I have a funny feeling it would be an embarrassing blemish on Craig, to say the least.


Becky Plummer 6 years, 4 months ago

With all the stupidity abounding in Craig about our deer population I wondered if the people in the Denver office of the DOW had any idea what was going on over here. I sent an email to Tom Remington email address Tom.Remington@ state.co.us Still waiting to hear back, maybe everyone that has submitted comments here could send their thoughts to this man and perhaps get us some input from over in Denver,may do no good but it is worth a shot.


George Robertson 6 years, 4 months ago

I also agree with als362. Those wanting a resolution should pay the cost. The cost to the person wanting this action should be minimal (the bullet doesn't cost that much) and it can be offset when the hide is sold to Craig Hide and Fur. Since the cost is borne by the person wanting the action then the meat belongs to them. This would be a win, win, win situation. Win 1 would be the deer population is reduced. Win 2 People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) would be happy. And Win 3 My freezer would be full.


headincloud 6 years, 4 months ago

Deer not a problem? I have lived here all my life and love the wildlife we are privileged enough to see every day. But in the mountains, where they belong, not in our backyards. Forget about all the thousands and thousands of dollars of destroyed trees, flowers, gardens and the hard work people have put into them and damage to the vehicles that have hit them. And you can fence them out but what about where you can’t fence them out? I had a neighbor who told me he was out in his yard this summer and heard screaming coming from the street. He looked out and saw two little girls walking home. There was a buck standing 10 feet from them, with its head down pawing the ground coming towards them. He grabbed a shovel and ran out of his yard and almost had to hit the deer to chase it away. Not a problem? I personally, 2 weeks ago was taking the trash out when a huge buck standing at the edge of the street came charging towards me and chased me up on my deck. What has to happen before we realize there is a problem? Not to mention that, as has happened in the foothills of Denver and other areas, they will bring other predators into town as well. The deer in town become desensitized to sounds, animals and people and become easy prey for these predators which brings them into town as well. Does a child or adult have to be gored or killed by one of these beautiful animals before we wake up and smell the roses? Or a bear or mountain lion come in and maul or kill someone before we do anything? Will you be able to live with that? Not a problem? Wake up!


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