JoHanna Wedemeyer: Deer plan horrifying


To the editor:

I was so horrified to hear about the plans to destroy the majority of the deer living in Craig.

I lived in Craig for a little over a year and feel that the deer were the best part about living in Craig.

Coming from a big city, it is definitely a rarity. There has to be a better solution to the problem. In my eyes, why not deal with the people who have caused the problem and not make the animals suffer?

People may be upset about the injuries or mortalities of a couple of dogs, but the real reason they are upset is probably their flowers.

Impose fines on the people who have created the bigger problem of the deer not being afraid of humans by feeding them.

They are the real problem. What a horrific solution to a problem created by people, not animals.

Talk to individuals who live in towns who have the same issues such as Estes Park, where they have all of the elk.

What options are there other than a free-for-all, supported, huntfest?

JoHanna Wedemeyer


headincloud 6 years, 5 months ago

Deer not a problem? I have lived here all my life and love the wildlife we are privileged enough to see every day. But in the mountains, where they belong, not in our backyards. Forget about all the thousands and thousands of dollars of destroyed trees, flowers, gardens and the hard work people have put into them and damage to the vehicles that have hit them. And you can fence them out but what about where you can’t fence them out? I had a neighbor who told me he was out in his yard this summer and heard screaming coming from the street. He looked out and saw two little girls walking home. There was a buck standing 10 feet from them, with its head down pawing the ground coming towards them. He grabbed a shovel and ran out of his yard and almost had to hit the deer to chase it away. Not a problem? I personally, 2 weeks ago was taking the trash out when a huge buck standing at the edge of the street came charging towards me and chased me up on my deck. What has to happen before we realize there is a problem? Not to mention that, as has happened in the foothills of Denver and other areas, they will bring other predators into town as well. The deer in town become desensitized to sounds, animals and people and become easy prey for these predators which brings them into town as well. Does a child or adult have to be gored or killed by one of these beautiful animals before we wake up and smell the roses? Or a bear or mountain lion come in and maul or kill someone before we do anything? Will you be able to live with that? Not a problem? Wake up!


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