Craig lodging tax not 2B

Opponent: Council should revisit issue and lower tax rate


Craig voters rejected the Craig City Council’s proposed 6.9-percent lodging tax during Tuesday’s general election.

The measure failed by 1,226 votes.

About 72 percent of Craig voters voted against the measure. The final vote total was 767 in favor and 1,993 against.

Randy Looper, a Craig resident and co-owner of the Elk Run Inn, used one word to describe his feelings about the result of the lodging tax vote.


“I don’t look at this as a win,” he said. “Yes, I have been fighting this, but it would have been a positive for the town if the rate would have been lowered.”

Looper was one of several area lodging representatives who opposed the measure. He also started a petition against the measure, which was signed by 15 area hotel representatives, stating the group would support the lodging tax up to 4.9 percent.

A committee of Craig residents developed the lodging tax ordinance and ballot question over several months.

The committee proposed the tax be collected in the city, and be divided into four categories related to the improvement of tourism in the area. The committee also proposed two entities would manage the lodging tax money.

Looper said he would like the Craig City Council to start over and re-draft the measure with a “lower percentage rate that would work.”

He said the measure might have passed if the 6.9-percent tax would have been lowered.

But, Looper said he still believes a lodging tax is a good idea.

“This town needs to pull together and make it a better place and improve upon what is here,” he said.

Going into the election Tuesday, Looper said he had mixed thoughts on whether the measure would pass or fail.

Looper said he had a gut feeling the measure would not pass considering “Craig is an anti-tax town.”

“Whatever it is, it is just hard to sell an increase in taxes,” he said.

When asked if the lodging industry’s opposition of the measure and petition had any effect on the outcome, he said “I don’t think it helped.”

Looper said if the city council would have lowered the percentage, the lodging industry probably wouldn’t have run as much negative publicity about the issue.

“I needed to save my business,” he said. “My bottom line is my business.”

Craig resident Dave DeRose, who was involved in the process of developing the measure, had few words when asked how he felt about the lodging tax failing in the election.

“This leaves us no marketing and leaves us in the same boat,” he said.

DeRose said he was surprised the tax failed by the amount it did, but couldn’t “put a hand on” why.

DeRose said it would be “wise” for the city council to revisit the issue and possibly lower the rate percentage for the next election. But, that decision would be left to the city council, he added.


HuntersMomma 6 years, 5 months ago

I think that it should have been taken into account, on why this failed, that we have a large population of year round residents who live in apartments, trailer parks, etc and those were included in that tax. Unfortunately, those persons that live in these types of housing are our county's working poor and they don't want to see rents for a trailer space or their apartment increased to cover this tax.


justthefacts 6 years, 5 months ago

Fact: The down side to this vote, more years of an ineffective MCTA and no marketing of Moffat County.

Comment: The County Commissioners need to scrap the board and start over!!!!!!

Fact: Many good people have been ate up by this board.

Fact: Several not so good intentioned people have been munched by this board. ( As well intentioned as they may have been?)

Fact: Some people that served on the ineffective board and were ineffective, have been reapointed by the ineffective Commissioners. ( Do I see a pattern here?)

The MCTA continues to market to the local citizenry while requiring everyone else to go outside the area. ( Double standards or Double crossed?????) Maybe Cheeper rates?

Just The let's do nothing and save money ineffective Facts


MoCo4life 6 years, 5 months ago

Oh, HuntersMomma, I'm not saying you made the wrong choice on 2B, but you voted no for the wrong reasons. This tax would not have been on apartments or trailer spaces. This is a tax that only people staying in hotels, bed and breakfasts or campgrounds for fewer than 30 days would have paid. Facts is right (for once). The tourism board needs to be scrapped. They've had 20 years to get it right and haven't. And now with Brice Jacobsen on that board, the daily mess will get even more money than they already do and they get a lot. Conflict of interest? And then some. I can't believe he even pretends he is there for any other reason than his own selfish self interests.


mamabear711 6 years, 5 months ago

People, people, people of Craig!!!! Who of us looks on line for hotel rooms when we are going out of town? The few of us that do should know that you are trying to book a room in the area you need to stay. You choose between a one star to a five star depending on the amount of money you want to spend a night. No where ever is it stated that this hotel has this much lodging tax! You bought the room for the price negotiated and the taxes added on later is just an accepted necessary evil. It doesn't make you say next time I am going to stay 45 minutes away from where I need to be because I am going to save less than a dollar. Do the simple math!!! on a $60 room ~ $4 tax, and $100 room $7.........come on really you think people are going to choose to stay in Maybell, Meeker, Hayden, or Steamboat over Craig. These are tax dollars coming into your community to improve it without a dime coming out of your pocket!! Once again we have screwed up!


greenie52 6 years, 5 months ago

I agree with Looper the tax increase was way to much, they should have went with a 2 or 3 percent and not got so greedy. As far as promoting tourism here, there are only a few things to promote, hunting, golf, the museum's, with hunting bringing in your most money amd then they raise the price of gas to get more money out of them. As far as fishing goes the commissioners and MCTA sat back and did nothing to try and stop the DOW and whoever else was involved from ruining the fishing on the Yampa River from Hayden to the Utah border, it sure is funny that no fish shocking is happening around Steamboat, so really Craig has very little to offer in the way of getting tourists here.


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