Thompson-Booker: Vote no on 2B


To the editor:

I am writing to urge the citizens of Craig to vote no on 2B on Tuesday. It is not that I do not support a lodging tax, but I do not support increasing the lodging tax by 5 percent during this period of economic downturn.  

Many of the lodgers are being impacted by the lack of work that was in the area this spring and summer. Now we are asking those that do come to Craig for work, which is the primary reason most people rent hotel rooms, to pay 5 percent more.

While it is not a lot of money to those on the Craig City Council and the other business leaders who support this, it is a lot of money to the family man who is willing to take any job anywhere so that he can provide for his family.

If they are asked to pay more on lodging taxes, it is less that they have to take home to their family and it is less they have to spend in the local community.

So the argument that no one locally will pay is patently false. You will pay when people have less money to spend locally.

You will pay when lodgers are forced to lay off more people.

You will pay when those travelers who come to Craig to provide goods and services have to increase their prices by 5 percent to cover the increased taxes.

I don’t think now is the time for increasing this tax. As many Republican leaders have been saying for months, increasing taxes is not good for business. I respectfully ask the citizens of Craig to say no to increased taxes and vote no on 2B.

Tammie Thompson-Booker


als362 6 years, 6 months ago

No one is going to drive 40+ miles to save $5.00 on a motel room. The lodging tax is a good idea for Craig.


als362 6 years, 6 months ago

Any time someone is as opposed to an issue as these people are, it compels me to be in favor of that issue.


Taxpayer1 6 years, 6 months ago

Two things -- (1).You are not in a lodging service industry, or you would know what Mrs. Booker says is true. (2).And if your opinion is based only on the pros and cons, please don't vote.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 6 months ago

I agree with doesn't make sense for anyone to drive 40+ miles to save less than $5.00, it just isn't going to happen. Think about it in these terms, if a person is traveling for business, the business is most generally in Craig or they wouldn't be coming here, why would you drive 90 miles round trip just to save $4.50? It just doesn't make sense. The one point everyone seems to forget or purposely overlooks is the fact if we have a business who will be staying in the hotels for 30+ days they are not going to be paying the lodging tax. I just feel some of these arguments have no your research before voting, but please vote.


als362 6 years, 6 months ago

My opinion is based on what is the smart thing to do. Pay $5.00 or drive 40 miles each way, at 25 MPG, and 3.00 per gallon comes to $9.60 in gas costs. The math is very simple. And I have already voted.


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