Heidi Click: People a bigger threat


To the editor:

The deer are dangerous? A threat? I disagree that the deer are to blame when there are incidents.

People are more dangerous and more of a threat than deer have ever been.

I see cars chasing deer. Yes, in town.

I see people on bikes chasing deer. Idiots on foot chasing deer and throwing things at deer. Dogs chasing deer into traffic is a common sight where I live.

It’s been said that deer in rut are dangerous. (True, but have you ever been to Mather’s on a Saturday night?)

If the deer are aggressive, perhaps this is why. I think we should taser the deer tormentors so the deer will be less inclined to be aggressive towards us (which is not my experience).

I have never been chased by a deer, or had a deer throw things at me. Do you really think shooting deer will be a deterrent to others moving in?

Give me a break. The possibility of death row doesn’t do much to deter our “advanced brain” criminals. I doubt the deer will be on the outskirts of town thinking, “Maaan, I really want to raid that garden over there, but I haven’t seen Phil since he went in there a week ago. Nah, better stay out of city limits.”

It’s absurd to me that so much effort is being wasted on the “deer epidemic problem,” when there are so, so, so many legitimate issues that need attention.

So, deer, if you are reading this, you are welcome in my yard any time. Co-existing with nature is a positive experience for me. That’s why I live in the country.

Heidi Click


justateacher 6 years, 5 months ago

When we moved to Craig I was all set to buy a bale of hay to feed the deers. Some of the neighbors objected as it might ruin their lawns.

Sad really as I thought most Craig residents were for the environment...


als362 6 years, 5 months ago

I think Heidi makes some very good points. I think she is exactly correct. To justateacher: I believe the main reason for it being against the law to feed the deer and elk is so they don't become dependent on that food supply.
People feeding the deer is, in my opinion, one of the main causes for so many being in town. I like watching them as much as you do. But feeding them is not a good idea because it causes problems both for the deer and us humans. The deer expect that food to be there so they stay in that area to be fed.
This is what has many people up in arms about the deer. They eat their shrubs and flowers and scrape their antlers on the trees.
If all the people would stop feeding the deer, whether directly by putting out food specifically for the deer, or indirectly by putting out food for other creatures like birds or squirrels that the deer have access to and will also eat, I believe the population of deer in town would start to drop because there would be lees food for them to eat. If that happened then some people would be less in favor of killing the deer close to and in town. That is why I think that the sentence for the first offense of feeding the deer should be a fine of $500.00. For the second offense, $1000.00, and for the third, a week in jail. I have neighbors that feed the birds. The deer come through my yard to get to the sunflower seeds left out for the birds. They make a regular path through my yard to get to the food left out for the birds. This, in my opinion. should be just as illegal as feeding the deer directly. as it makes them dependent on that food supply and then they don't follow their normal instincts to find their normal food, and they stay in town. This causes percieved problems for some people. What this all means is, if you care about the environment, let the deer follow their instincts and find their own food. It will be better for them in the long run.


justthefacts 6 years, 5 months ago

Fact: Do not feed deer hay. A deer can starve to death with a full belly of hay.

Fact: Mule deer are considered browsers, they eat shrubs, trees and forbs.

Fact: Deer have small rumens that do not hold grass long enough for the microbes to ferment the hay and complete digestion.

Cracked corn and alfala pellets are much better choices. BUT do not feed the deer!!!!! Sacrificing your flowers and bushes are enough.

Just The Facts to digest.


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