Editorial: Our flag first


When did the American flag become something to be ashamed of?

In the Editorial Board’s opinion, it hasn’t and never will be.

But, two of many recent examples of what board members believe is disrespect to the flag paint a picture that lead us to believe maybe ours is becoming the minority opinion.

The incidents, quite simply, boggle the mind and are insulting to patriotic Americans.

The first stems from an incident in Morgan Hill, Calif.

Four teens were disciplined for wearing American flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.

According to reports, the students were asked to either change their clothes or turn them inside out; administrators believed the clothing could incite a confrontation with Hispanic students.

The students did not change their clothes or turn them inside out. They were sent home with an unexcused absence.

Good for them, Editorial Board members contend. They stood up for their convictions and their First Amendment right.

Next comes the U.S. government’s decision not to fly the American flag in Haiti, where a massive American-led assistance effort has been underway since the country was devastated by an earthquake in January.

The government has stated that flying the flag could give the impression that the U.S. is an occupying force, rather than one focused on humanitarian relief efforts.

These are just two of the incidents that go viral, horror stories of American disrespect that reach the masses at desks, water coolers and dinner tables through the Internet and the sensationalist words of cable news talking heads.

Hysteria aside, there’s something rightful about the indignation Americans feel about these condemnations of our flag.

It’s nothing new to see the flag tarnished, trashed and burned in places where America’s enemies are many. And, our country has certainly seen anti-flag demonstrations on our home soil.

But, as the incidents cited above attest, when has anti-American flag sentiment been so overt in fundamentally American institutions like schools and the government?

If patriotism can’t exist there, isn’t it doomed to fail everywhere else?

Editorial board members — and we’re willing to bet most of you out there in this community — have always been under the belief the American flag represents liberty, freedom, and a land of opportunity.

This board certainly appreciates those gifts, and is eternally grateful, and so should everyone else who lives in this country.

In short, our flag comes first.

No matter the circumstances, a lesson Morgan Hill administrators should take note of, as well as those in the power seats of our government who benched the flag in Haiti.

Many good men and women, people far better than those making the anti-flag decisions of late, died for those once-cherished stars and stripes, those noble colors of red, white and blue.

The flag itself doesn’t ask for respect.

The sacrifices of those who have protected it in the past and who protect it today do. It’s the least we as Americans should give them.


als362 6 years, 11 months ago

You can put the so called president at the top of the list of people that disgrace the flag.
Here is a person that claims to be the leader of the free world, yet he never honors the flag by even making the effort to put his hand over his heart during the Pledge Of Allegience.
Here is a person that applauds the leader of a foreign country, while dragging our own states through the mud. Treasonist actions.


P51 6 years, 11 months ago

What a bunch of dopes (the editorial board) is. The constitution protects freedom of expression. I thought this had been settled years ago. Wear clothes that look like a U.S. flag, carry beach towels that look like an American flag, wear a patch that looks like a U.S. flag. It doesn't destroy the United States. It proves to the world that we don't have a bunch of right wing wackos running things.


Frank Estey 6 years, 11 months ago

These Mexican students were just showing their respect for their Mexican flag, over the US flag, in a territory which was taken from the Mexican people through the devious deceptions of the Texicanos and Californians.

This is their motivation, and seems to be the sentiment of our government as well.

Our President told the Mexican president that “We are not defined by our borders”. Does this sentiment apply to our flag as well when we allow the Mexican flag to take a deferential position over the American flag?


Anitadunnce 6 years, 11 months ago

Greystone: All foreign students, who have any sense of personal decency when obtaining advanced degrees in a foreign country, have an implicit understanding that they must not flaunt their nationality or disrespectfully throw their own country's policies or symbols in the face of the host country. No decent American college student who is taking his junior year in Paris, for example, would rudely and loudly celebrate the 4th of July and simultaneously expect the French to not fly their own flag on that day, because it happens to be an American holiday.

This rule goes double, triple, quintuple for foreign nationals who are illegally in the unwilling "host" country, as arguably some of the Morgan Hill, Calif. students were.

This rule is a non-issue if the Morgan Hill, Calif. students were Americans, either 14th Amendment or otherwise. If the Morgan Hill high school students who loudly and rudely celebrated May 5th were 14th Amendment anchor babies, but instead feel greater allegiance to the Mexican government and the Mexican flag and the Mexican holidays, then that certainly begs the question of why the United States government has not yet repealed that provision of the 14th, doesn't it? For more than a hundred years, there has been no defensible reason for the 14th Amendment provision that makes every baby dropped on American soil by thieving, stealing, law-breaking illegal aliens, automatically a U.S. citizen.

Since when are Americans not allowed to fly their own flag, because the day on which they want to fly it, wear it, discuss it, revere it happens to be a national holiday in a foreign country? How well do you think that would "fly" if Americans who either reside in, or vacation in, Mexico were to take the bullying, inappropriate stance that no Mexican flags or other symbols of Mexican national pride were to be visible in Mexico on July 4th?

That would be rude and inappropriate for Americans to take such an arrogant position. Oh, wait: that would be just as rude as if Americans were to live in Mexico and refuse to speak Spanish, wouldn't it? Hmmm.... where do we see that rudeness by belligerent Mexicans played out every day inside our borders?

For most of my long life, I have viewed Mexicans as gentle, hard-working people who are good parents. Now I view them as rude, belligerent, ugly, aggressive, bullying people who steal from American citizens, giving nothing back, while they mindlessly breed large families that they expect us to educate, feed, house, clothe, and vaccinate. In the past three years, I have developed nothing but disrespect for these people, and I want our border secured, and every illegal in our country, no matter the country of origin, to be forcibly ejected. It is the Mexican government's obligation to care for its own citizens; it is not my responsibility.


Frank Estey 6 years, 11 months ago

Anitadunnce ,

We agree , I was making a comment on the motivation of the Mexican students which may be the result in their belief that our government is promoting an open border policy and amnesty for undocumented individuals.

As our president said ”We are not defined by our borders” and apparently not our flags.


nikobesti 6 years, 11 months ago

So, editorial board, by your logic, you would support flying the Chinese flag over New Orleans. After all, they helped a great deal after Katrina. Facts from Wikipedia:

“On September 2, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it will offer $5 million along with emergency supplies, including 1,000 tents, 600 generators, bed sheets, immediately for disaster relief. China also offered to send medical care and rescue workers if they were needed. This aid package consisting of 104 tons of supplies later arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas. A chartered plane carrying the supplies arrived on September 7.”

If you have no problem with a foreign flag flying over Haiti, you must have no problem with this either. Glad to know you’re consistent and not hypocrites.


Anitadunnce 6 years, 11 months ago

Niko: So glad you brought this up. I see a huge distinction between the two examples raised by the CDP Editorial Board. I think most of us would agree that Americans have the right to raise or wear or discuss or promote the American flag on American soil on any date, at any time, and under any circumstances. The California students, if they are illegal, need to leave and stop stealing from us. The California students, if they are Americans, anchor babies or otherwise, need to get a grip and figure out where their priorities are. If they support Mexico over the United States, maybe they should move to Mexico, the land they adore.

As for the United States raising its flag over Haiti, why on earth should the American government propose to do that under any circumstances? I love and support our government, and want to see phonies like Barack Obama, who neither love nor support the American government or the American people, ejected from office, and possibly jailed for treason.

Despite my love for our country, and my desire to see us clearly defined by our borders, our English language, our American flag, and our patriotic American holidays, I do not want to see us raise the Stars and Stripes over a foreign nation.

Besides the fact that raising the American flag over Haiti sends the wrong message, I understand why those in foreign countries, who distrust and despise the motives of Barack Obama, would object to the American flag raised over their country during his despicable administration.


lostyermarbles 6 years, 11 months ago

AnitaDunnce, as per your your 1:08 a.m post, I agree 100%. And per the schooling, why do we have them come over here and then have to pay for them to get educated for their country way's?? Then hunker down to show our pride because we might hurt their feelings. Well,,, us and all our for fathers have been proud to be AMERICAN here. Why do they come if they don't like it??? They are so rude. I have met so very nice respectable familys that just live their lives and work hard. But lately the newest one's are snubbing and disrepectable and act like WE OWE THEM. I owe them nothing!!!! Get out of my way!!! And all the men and women over there fighting for us and the foreigner's, why the heck shouldn't we be able to wear or display the flag?? We are the one's making the sacrific's. All the emports should have to do a stint over theor before they can be made legal. Then they would prove to us they are for OUR country,not just over here trying totake over to make a bigger Mexico. I too am totaly disgusted with this whole mess and maybe with the remark's and actions Obama is making he WON'T get re-elected and yes, We do see the change and it is not good in my opinion....If we don't wake up it will be to late to call this OUR country. It will be a thing of the past..


T066J 6 years, 11 months ago


Maybe now people are beginning to see the "change" Obama eluded to when he was campaigning for President.


westslopeguy 6 years, 11 months ago

p51: You missed one vital point...

"It proves to the world that we don't have a bunch of right wing wackos running things."

Oops, we do. (read the posts pre and post your comment.)

No matter how hard I try, I just CAN'T not contribute. my2cents


RichardBarbosa 6 years, 11 months ago

Westslopeguy: I have one word for you. You are rude. You cannot express yourself well, and so you resort to name-calling. Apparently you disagree with both Eric and Greystone, and so you call them names, i.e. "right-wing wackos".

As of a poll released this morning, a full 17.8% is the average government-contribution into the household income of every person in America. Only 41-42% of income is derived from gainful, independent, "capitalistic", free-market endeavors.

Three things seem certain: 1) The U.S. government cannot sustain itself without the input of income tax dollars, and Americans are not working, so the tax dollars paid are inadequate.... not to mention the fact that we are supporting illegals and their ridiculously large number of offspring, to the tune of about 40-million illegal people inside our borders. Many of these people are unskilled, cannot read or write in any language, contribute nothing, simply take from us, and many have "third-world diseases" that American doctors have not seen in our country for years, i.e. tuberculosis, leprosy, several venereal diseases.

2) We are moving closer and closer to the redistribution of wealth that is Obama's goal. In fact, Bill Clinton referred to that during his commencement address at Yale this past weekend. It is a vision that these fat-cats share, but I have not seen Obama or the Clintons handing out their hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth to "the people", have you?? Nope, they want average Americans who have squirrelled away tiny nest-eggs of $50-100,000 to give up what they have.

3) We are moving closer to the Obama idealized view of global government, i.e. the Chinese ideal: Communism.

Now, westslopeguy, tell us again that we are "right-wing wackos" for observing and reporting the truth about these matters. You are the same type of person who calls Americans, specifically Arizonans, who want to enforce federal (and Arizona State Statutory) law "racists". You are an ill-informed, vitriolic name-caller with no facts to back up your ugly speech.

Trust us "right-wingers" on this, westslopeguy: if right-wingers were in fact running things, the above-listed problems would not be the problems we would be facing right now. Now, I do expect a nasty reply from you, because you are unable to address the facts in any intelligent manner, in which you will call me more ugly names. It is a badge of honor to be called names by the likes of ignorant folks like you.


Ericshoberg2010 6 years, 10 months ago

To the Moderator: I just noticed today that you deleted my May 22nd post in this thread. There was no policy violation in my post, but apparently the press here keeps the comments with which it agrees and deletes the remainder.

You will not have to wait until such time as I post a third comment that you have to fabricate a reason to remove, which will allow you to ban me altogether. This is my final post here. I am removing myself from these threads, because you have no desire for any meaningful views shared on a topic of any importance.

This is the only type of comment that you find acceptable: "Good job at swim meet, girls. Congratulations on your win at the State track meet, boys. Wow.... I hope the baby near the highway in Hayden is okay."

Life is too short, and my time is too precious. I will not post nonsense like that.


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