Goodbye Ridgeview, and thanks for everything



Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

As the end of the school year draws closer, I am reminded of Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s book, “Goodnight Moon.”

The book details a bunny’s bedtime routine in which he says good night to the things in his life, significant and insignificant.

I am reminded of this book because our oldest child, Peyton, is saying goodbye later this month to his elementary school years at Ridgeview Elementary School.

He is saying goodbye to the building, classrooms, lunchroom and library, but more importantly, to a group of teachers who have helped his life in amazing ways for more than four years.

Just a few of those are Mrs. Hildebrandt, Mrs. Zehner, Mrs. Durham and Mrs. Baker.

All of these folks work day, and sometimes night, to prepare students who enter their doors for tomorrow and beyond.

With Peyton, it has not always been easy, and they sometimes have a thankless job. For their efforts, I want to tell them thank you for all they have done.

Sometimes in life, you also have to say goodbye to people who have made a large imprint, and not just an impact, in your life.

My son has to do that now with Mrs. Reed, the music teacher at Ridgeview.

Yes, I am sure that Mrs. Reed and Peyton’s paths will cross at various times in the future, but the daily contact and respect Mrs. Reed has given Peyton will no longer exist.

However, I’m positive the lessons Mrs. Reed has given Peyton will last the rest of his life, and I can’t tell you how much Jamey and I appreciate that.

As we prepare for Craig Middle School, and they prepare for us, we are sad to have to say …

Goodbye building. Goodbye classrooms. Goodbye lunchroom. Goodbye Ridgeview Elementary.

Goodbye teachers who have meant so much to our son.


EricHoffman 6 years, 8 months ago

I was a 4th grade student at Ridgeview Elementary School back in 1982; quite some time ago for sure. It's good to see that after so many years, the quality of teachers at Ridgeview Elementary School is everything I remember it to be. Looking back at all the years I spent in Colorado public schools, I can say I had a number of very good teachers over the years. Several of them were even exemplary, although I didn’t always recognize it at the time. By my standards my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Hovis, certainly falls into the latter category. I have many fond memories of her as my teacher and recall enjoying her class very much.

But that in itself isn’t so much the reason for my post. Instead it’s a desire to thank her for doing the small, yet very important things that can have lasting affect on a person’s life. She’s unlikely to actually read this post, but seeing as how I have very little chance of making direct contact with her after so many years, I suppose I can hope one of your readers will see this, know where she can be found, and pass on the message.

I attribute much of the success I enjoy today to lessons learned in her classroom. From her unique ability to inspire a love for reading to her seemingly endless supply of patience for an “antsy-pants” kid who refused to sit still and face forward in his desk. I often find myself thinking back to those experiences in her classroom and applying what she taught me to current situations in my personal and professional life. I’ve recently found myself reflecting more than usual, I suspect in part because my oldest daughter just started 4th grade. I find it simply amazing that after all these years I’m still learning from what she had to teach me. This surely is the mark of an exemplary teacher.

--Eric Hoffman


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