3rd-grade CSAP reading scores remain consistent


Moffat County School District third-grade students were consistent in state assessment reading scores this year, according to Tuesday’s Colorado Department of Education release of preliminary scores.

The district had 60 percent of its third graders score proficient or advanced on the Colorado Student Assessment Program exam, down slightly from 2009’s 61 percent.

Moffat County’s average remains below the state average, which fell from 2009’s 73 percent to this year’s 70 percent.

CDE released third-grade reading CSAP scores to the public Tuesday and will release all official CSAP scores

in August.

CDE reported the data as “preliminary and unofficial” because it has yet to undergo a review process.

Sandrock Elementary School scored the lowest in Moffat County with 44 percent proficient or advanced, and Ridgeview Elementary led the district with 81 percent.


justthefacts 6 years, 11 months ago

Fact: No big suprise here, Moffat County always ranks lower than state average!!!

What is the problem ? Kids in Moffat County not so smart or teachers not doing their jobs?

Fact: Ridgeview has more underprivileged kids than any schoo,l and yet always performs at the highest level in Moffat County. (even above the State average)


What is the difference ? (visualize a blinking yellow light.) Teachers!! (blink), Teachers, (blink), Teachers, (blink).

Fact: Teachers do not want to be graded.

Fact: The School Board which is made up of too many former teachers, and teacher union honchos, do not want to hold their friends accountable!!!

Fact: Once a teacher gets tenure, many choose to stop teaching.

Fact: The rest of us are graded daily in our jobs!!! ( Teachers are exempt)


just the facts ( Now sing along) and always more


CharminChatty 6 years, 11 months ago

Wow. Justthefacts (the so-called "facts" according to you, of course), you sound like one bitter Herr. Try to be more of a Mensch, and more of an administrative professional, and try to cover up your bitterness about the School Board that hears complaints about you and knows all the details from which you can't hide.

Query: aren't you the same Mann who wrote in to the CDP recently with many local sports statistics, as you were ripping Mort to shreds? Very unprofessional to rip one of your own under the cloak of anonymity.

Seems like you have a lot of statistics and a real axe to grind. Are you still claiming to be just an observant citizen-bystander? Hmmm..... I don't believe it.


Cole White 6 years, 11 months ago


It all starts at home....turn off the TV, the X Box, the computer, the ipod, and everything else and begin making your kids read, write, and do more than the bare minimum. Parents complain about kids getting too much homework so the school responds to your demands and now no homework is issued. Teachers and schools try to dissaplin kids and parents cry fowl. Schools have little or no suppport from parents and the parents want mirracles. Hope without work is just a wish.


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