County coroner's race now contested

Sheriff’s Office deputy announces candidacy



Larry Dalton

Larry Dalton, 60, a Repub­lican, announced Mon­day his candidacy for Moffat County Coroner.

Dalton, a patrol deputy with the Moffat Co­­un­­­ty Sheriff’s Of­­fice, said he would file his candi­­date papers today.

“I’m wanting to use my expertise in criminal investigation and move into another facet of my career,” Dalton said.

Dalton said the coroner’s office is appealing to him because he could continue to use his training, which he received during his tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, to serve the Moffat County residents.

This is his first time seeking public office. He will go through the Republican county assembly April 10 to be placed on the primary ballot.

Dalton has worked in law enforcement for 24 years, 12 of which have been with the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and 12 with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

He served for three years as the emergency management coordinator for the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office before the position shifted to different supervision.

“I’m the best qualified candidate with all the education that I have and my years in the business,” he said.

Dalton said he has thought about running for sheriff before but thinks the coroner’s office is an office he would serve well.

“In the coroner’s office, there is a lot of responsibility that a lot of people don’t realize,” he said. “You work closely with the sheriff, and you have a lot of responsibilities of criminal investigation and … you have that final say after all that investigation is done.”

Dalton has an associate degree in criminal justice from Arapahoe Community College.

Dalton will be running against Kirk McKey, 56, who is a local chiropractor and also a Republican.

This is also McKey’s first time running for public office.

K.C. Hume, 42, chief investigator for the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and a battalion chief with Craig Fire/Rescue, had filed for the coroner position but withdrew his candidacy.

He announced at the Lincoln Day dinner Feb. 27 that he would not seek the office because of a potential violation of the federal Hatch Act.

Although there have been write-in candidates, the coroner position has not been officially contested in Moffat County since 1954, Moffat County elections supervisor Lila Herod said.

Dalton’s announcement marks the sixth contested race in November’s election.

Moffat County Treasurer Robert Razzano announced Friday that he will seek the assessor’s position.

Razzano, 49, a lifetime Craig resident and Republican, is term limited in the treasurer’s office after serving two terms. He will be running against Carol Scott, 49, also a Republican.

Elaine Sullivan, current Moffat County clerk and recorder, is running against Mike Brinks, an accountant with Bonaker and Associates, for Razzano’s position as treasurer.

Peter Epp, owner of Epp Associates Inc., is running against G.I. Buffham, owner of G.I. Buffham Surveying, for county surveyor.

Tami Barnes and Tony St. John are running against incumbent Audrey Danner for the District 2 Moffat County Commission seat.

Frank Moe is running against incumbent Tom Mathers for the District 3 county commission seat.

Tim Jantz is running for county sheriff, McKey is running for county coroner and Lila Herod is running for clerk and recorder.

The county assembly will determine which Republican candidates make it onto the ballot for the primary election in August.


kp81625 7 years ago

Larry, I know how dedicated you are to your job and you definitely have my vote.


lonelyone 7 years ago

This Hatch Act thing confuses me. Why can Mr. Dalton, who is a patrol deputy, run and K.C. who is also with the Sheriff's dept. and the Fire dept, can't?


voiceofconcern 7 years ago

I, too, am confused by the Hatch Act restrictions. K.C. Hume would have been the much-preferred candidate. If he had to drop out because of the Hatch Act, why can Dalton run? Dalton is not the right choice for Moffat County! Job dedication ... please!


usecommonsense 7 years ago

Is Dalton going to have to resign from the Sheriff's department to run for Coroner? If not what will keep him from campaigning while we the taxpayers pay his salary. This should not be allowed! And, if he is elected, will he be required to resign from the Sheriff's department? He shouldn't be double-dipping from the county! And what about the Hatch Act? Are we being selective on who is and is not affected by that legislation?


voiceofconcern 7 years ago

Thinking about this a little more ... arrogance is what comes to mind after reading this article. Dalton's comment, “I’m the best qualified candidate with all the education that I have and my years in the business," seems to lack humility. What's his medical background? And his other comment, "he has thought about running for sheriff before but thinks the coroner’s office is an office he would serve well" ... don't tell me he's been with the Sheriff's department for 12 years and hasn't caught on to the fact that there is a regime set in stone as far as the succession to that office, and he's certainly not in that succession, nor would he have a snowball in hell chance of changing that progression. We need a coroner who is humble; certainly not someone with this type of arrogance!


xrsareus 7 years ago

I don't understand the Hatch Act at all but if you can't work for a government employer and run for a political position then everyone that holds a public position and wants to be re-elected is in violation. Also if this is true, then how can our governor endorse someone while he is governor or Hickenlooper (sp) run for governor while he is mayor of Denver. How can the president endorse and campaign for others while we are paying him to run our country? Maybe??? The Daily Press could try to explain the Hatch Act in plain English for some of us common people... PLEASE !!!!!


WTF 7 years ago

The Hatch act does not say state and local public employees cannot run for office, they just cannot receive federal funds, or have any supervisory, or allocation function to federal funds. The Hatch act does not say state and local public employees cannot run for office, they just cannot receive federal funds, or have any supervisory, or allocation function to federal funds. Meaning if the person has anything to do with a federally funded program they have to remove themselves prior to candidacy. Since a patrol deputy is paid out of the county's general fund and not predominantly by federal monies they are not under The Hatch Act. The act was a countermeasure to the big government machines of the 30's where public office was used to influence funding for political interest. The majority of it provisions are for federal employees.

The president and vice president are exempt from the act. There is still the Constitution which says congress shall not make laws prohibiting the people “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” some scholars of constitutional laws say this does give the people the right to run for office as long as de jure qualifications are met. i.e. minim age, and residency requirements


NewMommy 7 years ago

Well, I am still waiting to see what the almighty Larry Dalton thinks qualifies him to be our county Coronor! Anyone who has had to experience this man knows that he is nothing but a blow hard tool!!!


horsegalibe 7 years ago

I, as many others, would really like to know what this great expertise that Dalton brags about is, and would qualify him to be the county coroner. And this bit about him being dedicated to his job....give me a break! When he was the Emergency Management Coordinator and got mad because it was turned over to the Commissioners, he decided to quit his job, however before he left he wiped out the records on the computer, and destroyed all the hard copy. Dedicated, you bet. On his deputy job, he is so lazy that he goes off on some road and hides and sleeps, and he has done that for ever. Why our wonderful Sheriff hasn't fired him is, well........I know. This idiot has NO business being our coroner, and NO business in the sheriff's department.


lostyermarbles 7 years ago

oh, this is the one?? i wonder what was on his computer.. dont need more of this!


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