Daily Press to increase enforcement of online use agreement


The Craig Daily Press announces that it will strictly enforce its online policy agreement for users of its Web site, www.craigdailypress.com, and will begin sending users warning notifications of use violations.

The Daily Press’ agreement states that users will use the site to discuss issues in a civil manner and will not make libelous or obscene comments.

Users agree to the policy before creating an account. The full policy is available at www.craigdailypress.com/about/use_policy/.

“Our site is intended to be a community forum for readers to discuss stories and issues that affect them,” said Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Daily Press. “Unfortunately, the site has been used in recent months as a way to personally attack others, and that disappoints me.”

Jacobson said the newspaper staff intends to institute a “three strikes” policy, in which staff will send individual users a notification via email of when one of their posts has been removed due to inappropriate content, which will serve as a warning. On the third offense, users will be banned from the site.

“We hope our users will understand the goal of our actions and will abide by the rules,” Jacobson said. “Our hope is that our increased monitoring of the site, along with corrective action, will deter some of the negative activity that has been prevalent on the site. Our intention is for the site to be a productive community forum to share opinions in a constructive manner, and we hope it will return to that vision.”

For more information on the Craig Daily Press’ online policy agreement, contact Editor Joshua Roberts at 875-1791 or jroberts@craigdailypress.com or Online Content Producer Michelle Balleck at 875-1790 or mballeck@craigdailypress.com.


Marilynn Hill 7 years ago

I want to thank Ms. Albers for writing to the Daily Press today about the increasingly troubling issue of personal and libelous attacks taking place within our online community and specifically here on the Daily Press forum. I have been in the Moffat County area for only a short time and have been welcomed with open arms and deeply appreciate the friendliness shown by the generous people of Moffat County.

Online forum users may not realize that many potential employees and employers will canvass forums to learn about a community and give weight in their decision making processes as to whether a particular community will be a healthy environment by creating profiles of cities and towns that are both business and family friendly.

I am a voracious reader of both online and print content and always travel to online forums where either I am going to vacation, conduct long term business or if I am entertaining the idea of moving to an area. Holding to this past practice and before I applied for the position in which I now hold within the community and visited this online forum frequently. While I found a majority of stories and related comments full of valuable, positive information, there were a few postings that caused me heartache as they were filled with personal attacks, which seemed to only be posted by individuals with a personal axe to grind.

During my hiring process, there were numerous personal and professional attacks made on the Daily Press forums about the other finalist. I found it extremely unfortunate that community members would use the online forum to attack this person, as it was extremely unfair to the entire hiring process and to both finalists in general. After watching the forums become increasing hostile and with seemingly little intervention from the online administrators, I finally commented on the forum and stated my displeasure about the nature of the personal attacks, as did the other candidate.

I am pleased the Daily Press has this afternoon announced it will enforce its End User Agreement (EUA). While I am disappointed that it has taken such a long time to come to this decision, I very much value the opportunity an online forum allows the community at large to participate through this at times complex medium.


George Robertson 7 years ago

Marilynn, I wholeheartedly agree. I will take this opportunity to appologize for those times that I have added negetivity to this forum and will strive to correct that. I think this forum has great value if it is used as it was originally intended and I applaud enforcement of it's intended use. Thank you fellow posters, and The Craig Daily Press.


CindyLou 7 years ago

Dear CDP editor, was there a particular incident or individual whom was attacked in a way that the CDP felt was unwarranted, thus causing the CDP to respond in such a manner? I can't help but feel this article and policy is in response to one particular community member who wrote a lparticularly thoughless letter to the editor and had their letter rebuffed by a number of the forum participants. I would ask the CDP if it had been a community member of less notoriety would this article and policy even be an issue? I had two posts on that particular subject removed and neither one violated any policies. I am sure that since the person that the forum was discussing has direct access to the paper and its publisher his influence caused those posts to be removed and not the violation of the policy. Even a number of other contributors mentioned that those posts said nothing that warranted removal. I would ask that if and when posts are removed that the CDP be prepared to cite specific areas where the policy was violated and that the removal was not the result of someone who simply disagrees with what was said and has undue influence on the CDP and has the ability to censor the content because they simply don’t like what was said.

You run the risk of having a forum where only those opinions that are agreeable with the CDP are left on the forum and then no one will consider it a fair and unbiased source of information. Best of luck.


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