John Williams: Consequences of actions


To the editor:

Politicians in general and the far left in particular either don’t care or don’t know the consequences of actions they take today and what those same actions will cause in the future.

The attempt by the Obama administration, the Pelosi/Reid puppets, and the rest of the liberal lemmings that follow in tow to try and cram this plan down the throats of the American people is one of the most blatant crimes against the people to happen in years.

The spin out of Washington, D.C., that they are taking on the insurance companies and are going to make them fall in line is a joke.

Consider approximately 70 percent of campaign donations from the health insurance companies went to Democrats, and think of the closed-door meetings with insurance executives. Then think if you owned a business and the government mandated you were going to get 30 million to 40 million new customers that had no choice but to buy your product. The insurance companies are jumping with joy.

Entitlement programs are killing this country; this one would be the final blow to a system that already is on life support.

Entitlement programs breed dependence on someone else, and dependence leads to control. They remove the incentive from people to try and better themselves; why bother if someone else is going to do it for you? Someone who depends on someone else for something always winds up being controlled by the ones they depend on. This is especially true with the government.

We need less government control, not more.

The plan that passed the senate wouldn’t have gotten that far if they hadn’t used taxpayer money to bribe key senators.

In February 2009, I had the opportunity to be on a cruise ship for two weeks. The passengers were 80 percent British and Canadian. I took the time to ask as many as possible what their opinions were on the programs in their own countries. Nine out of 10 said taxes to support it were very expensive, and the waits were very long; it could take years to get a hip replaced or your problem may not fit the government’s idea of what should be covered (i.e., you’re too old). They strongly recommend against us doing it.

Let the states deal with this. Set it up in the form of a coop with a PUC oversight to control costs — that is how your electric and natural gas is handled. If we agree that these are basic needs, then do the same with health insurance, if it is a basic need. Keep the federal government out of it.

This would sooner or later wind up as a one-payer system (the government), and in order to save money, they will cut the benefit to you and/or raise taxes more. They will have you over a barrel and there will be nothing you can do about it. That is control and you lose.

Now is the time to stop it.

John Williams


taxslave 7 years, 1 month ago

to McGruber.....please explain exactly what it is the author is wrong about. Did you read the 2000 pages or more of the legislation yourself?

We have been taught to believe, not to think. The "blind leading the blind" abounds.

I applaud the author for being informed.


McGruber 7 years, 1 month ago

Taxslave, I could provide you with tons of data, polls, ect that prove people want health care reform in this county and support this bill. However, I believe this would most likely be an exercise in futility. Its pretty clear that you and Mr. Williams and many others view the world through a Fox News/Glen Beck/libertarian viewpoint which is fine and your right as a citizen. The problem with this is that we just would not be able to have a rational discussion if we can not agree on a set of facts.

For example I would say that the World Health Reports ranking the US 37th behind Chile and Dominica is more legitimate than the views of 10 people on a cruise but I digress.

My point is that there are clearly people who support health care reform in this country. Stating otherwise is just disingenuous. I would even venture to say that a large percentage of people who do not support the current bill do so because it does not go far enough (ie public option, tort reform ect.).

The world is not going to explode with the passage of this bill. All this whining, complaing, and fear mongering by the far right is really childish. You lost this round get over it.

We live in a constitutional republic. Elections have consequences. A majority of the American people decided that they wanted the country to go in a more progressive direction during the last election. Health care reform is a progressive priority. It always amazes me when conservatives go crazy because a Democrat actually does something progressive. What did they think they were going to do? Nominate Rush Limbaugh to the Supreme Court?

When George W. Bush was elected I never expected him to work on health care. His priorities were invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, torturing people, eavesdropping on American citizens without a warrant, giving tax breaks to his rich buddies, gutting financial regulations, making us scared of gay people, and making it easier to pollute the air we breath and water we drink. I and many others did not like this direction so we organized and chose another.

Mr Williams is absolutely correct in that the only polls that matter are elections. So if the American people are upset with Obama and the Democratic party over health care then they will vote them out of office and the pendulum will swing again, until then suck it up and get over it. There are people out there that disagree with your viewpoint and sometimes they are in the majority thats America.


DONTTREADONME 7 years, 1 month ago

Mr McGrubber, you seem like an intelegent person, If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time!!! When the federal Gov. comes to me and says you will buy this or else is the same as me going to you and saying you will buy my product, or else. how do you respond to me. You stated we live in a Constitutional Republic, were is it Constitutional for the gov. to force a product down yours or my throat just because they say so. MSNBC is doing a poll on the passage of this bill. Just read some of the comments. If you had a business and it was not making money would you want the tax Payers to bail you out or would you find a way to make it or close the doors? I work for a living I support my Family not the gov. My parents taught me how to fish.


McGruber 7 years, 1 month ago

I am just as disgusted about the bail outs for the fat cat bankers as you are. TARP was initiated under Bush but it has certainly been continued under Obama. If a business fails then it should be allowed to fail. No disagreement there.

As to your other point, in my opinion the Federal Government is the people. If the representatives of the people institute a policy then by de-facto it is the will of the people. If not those politicians will be voted out. Yes its an imperfect system and the government does often overreach. Do I aways trust them? No way.

Personally, I'll take the tradeoff. I want somebody to be checking if the food I am eating is safe, if the prescription drugs I am taking are not laced with rat poison, somebody needs to make sure the roads are safe, and planes are not falling out of the sky.

Representative government is a funny thing, as much as people complain about the government they hardy ever vote out their own incumbent representatives. Why is this? Because they like their representative just not other people's representatives. If you live in Denver people like Ritter if you live in Colorado Springs you like Doug Lambert.

I think the fundamental question is if you want to be part of a functioning complex society or not? For example the government requires people to buy auto insurance. You could certainly argue that they should not do that but I think most people have decided we want other drivers to have insurance. This is an imperfect analogy to health care reform but the underlying fundamental premise is the same.

We decided we wanted this as a group. We could all go our own ways and live like wolves and compete for a limited amount of resources. In the end that is a recipe for disaster.

The world is a big complicated place with lots of different people and philosophies. The only way we can deal with these monumental kinds of problems is if we work together to reach some kind of consensus or at least compromise.

Ill i'm really trying to say is that in a country that practices democracy sometimes the majority wants things that the minority does not. Its how it works. You may think its unconstitutional but others would argue that the constitution is an evolving document that changes over time.

Finally, its interesting that you quote the bible. Now I am certainly not a religious person, but I think its pretty clear that Jesus would be considered a socialist in todays political context.

appreciate the debate (ps I do not consider my self a socialist)


P51 7 years, 1 month ago

Mr. Williams: You Bozo's that watch FIXED NOISE COMEDY channel 12 hours a day have a distorted view of reality. A Democrat who is a Harvard educated BLACK man IS president. We know you don't like it. We don't care. We like it! Calm down. Nothing is going down your throat. Losing in this case is UGLY! You lost. Sarah Palin Lost. Which is very Good for this country. Now there you go, a positive note.


Frank Estey 7 years, 1 month ago

P51 (Anonymous) says… “A Democrat who is a Harvard educated BLACK man IS president”

....Not all Black….


Anitadunnce 7 years, 1 month ago

Reply to GreyStone @8:38pm: "That’s just a mean, nasty, despicable, dunce like, commentary….[he] must be your ex-[husband] or ex-[boyfriend]. You are not a nice person, (sic.) have you no shame within your soul?"

You clearly recognize the above quotes as YOUR OWN on another thread, GreyStone. Now can you see how self-righteous and sanctimonious you sound? For shame!


Frank Estey 7 years, 1 month ago


Yes, I think we all need to hold hands and sing,..things will not be as bad as we think.


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