Jackie Adams: Seat belt use


To the editor:

On Feb. 22, my daughter was driving down Finley Lane and saw a state trooper but ignored him. She then drove to K-Mart, where he turned his lights on and she pulled over. He walked up and asked her if she knew why he stopped her. She said she didn’t.

He then pointed to her mirror and she looked at him and said, “what?” She had an air freshener hanging from her mirror.

He said the object was an obstruction of her view. She looked at him and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” He said he wasn’t. He then asked her if she was going to take it down.

He waited while she took the obstruction from her mirror (it was one of those that look like a Christmas tree). He then said she didn’t have a seat belt on. She informed him she had taken it off when she stopped.

Her purse was on the passenger side floor and she couldn’t reach it unless she took her belt off. My daughter informed him that she had just taken it off. He said he would have to give her a ticket because she didn’t have one on then. He was also going to notate on her ticket about the obstruction of view (which he did not).

My daughter faithfully wears her seat belt because last year she was stopped on graduation day because of not wearing a seat belt and she had to attend the class Alive at 25. After attending, she now wears her seat belt. Now we have to go to court for a seat belt violation that I don’t think she deserves.

In my opinion, these State Troopers and Trooper Matt Normandin are harassing our young children.

She wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Jackie Adams


joekidd2211 7 years ago

Jackie hopefully your daughter learns a valuable lesson. If you are stopped for any reason, Keep your seatbelt on till the officer approaches and ask them if you can take it off to get your wallet purse or whatever. Also keep your hand on the wheel where the officer can see them. nothing wrong huh ? was the air freshener in violation of state law or not? im not saying she did anything wrong but to the outsider viewer the record will show she has had two seat belt violations in a year.


jadams 7 years ago

Yea Joe it will show she has two seat belt violations in the past year. But the Alive at 25 program really taught her why she needs to wear a seat belt. I agree she should have kept the seat belt on however she just didn't think about it when she got her purse. I have now warned her never ever take that seat belt off for no reason until she can ask the policeman if she can take it off. I don't know if it was a state law or not about the air freshner as we have not went to court yet. But he did not end up writing her a ticket for the obstruction of the air freshner, hm?


joekidd2211 7 years ago

They are looking for any reason to pull people over, cause its all about money. they aren't going to write a small infraction., when they can write a bigger that will get them more money. I got a speeding ticket one time, I had the car about 10 days at that point. The officer wrote me for 64 in a 55 my speedometer showed i was going 55. I took the car to Ford in Gj twice, the speedometer was defective out of the factory. they had installed the wrong gear setup at the factory. Ford fixed it free of charge. I still had to pay the ticket because the policeman, the da and the judge all told me they just had to prove i was speeding it didn't matter why. thats where its messed up. Part of the problem is we live in a relatively mild community. you take your seatbelt off and lean over in the front seat in california that will get you shot out there. Thats unfortunate but true.


eieiolrighty 7 years ago

My daughter also got pulled over for having a cross hanging on her mirror. She was told that is was in her line of vision. I believe they just needed a reason to pull her over. She only got a warning....I guess because they couldn't find anything else wrong to ticket her for.


craig454 7 years ago

I guess you would have rather your daughter have gotten the ticket instead of a warning to prove your point?


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