Weis: Show some Craig pride


To the editor:

Every year I go to Whittle the Wood intending to have a good time. I go early and pick a spot for myself and my children.

I lay out our blanket, our chairs, cover the kids with sunscreen, and hide the water and munchies in the coolest spot I can find.

The day starts out good, people are considerate and friendly, but as the day wears on a change is noticed. As you watch the people you notice the toll of the day’s drinking beginning to show.

I have found myself wanting to leave before the headliner the past few years. The cigarette smoke and the smell of alcohol that penetrates the park are no longer tolerable.

Fights break out and peoples’ behaviors change. This year took the cake. I only wanted to see the band, but I was forced to view an older woman, dancing around in a bikini, having her top removed, baring her breasts bared for everyone to see.

In the fight that followed, a man was shoved up against a tree and walked away bleeding. Yet, your story reported the worst thing that happened was a young child with a splinter. This is an event intended to represent our city and I think we can do better.

Sacha Weis


jamcolo 6 years, 9 months ago

The non-smokers of Colorado took it on them selfs to make smokers pay more in taxes.Colorado collected about $64.8 million from cigarette and tobacco products taxes last year. About one-quarter of this amount is sent to local governments statewide to use as they see fit. I wonder if non smokers would vote them selfs a tax increase to pay for the state programs cigarette now pay for. When you smell smoke just think of the kids that now have health care because of smokers.

If alcohol were to be banded from the event it would not be nearly as successful as it is. What is it about Americans and exposed breast? In God's perfect world the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve were nude it was sin that lead to us covering our bodies. I find obese people in spandex offensive but would not let it wreak my fun. I was at the park well before the bands started to play.I saw no fights or bare breast.Unlike Sacha I was watching the band I guess.


Sacha Mero 6 years, 9 months ago

I didn't say to ban alcohol, I made a statement on the excess involved at this event. Nor would I ban smoking, it isn't my place to tell someone what to put in their bodies. I WAS enjoying myself, and find myself enjoying myself every year until it gets to that time in the day. The point where quite a few people have passed the point of a little drunk and start to lose common courtesy.

As far as missing out on bare breasts, you probably weren't directly behind this group of people, and weren't forced to look straight through them to see the band.


Rebelgirl 6 years, 9 months ago

I must say I agree with Weis the drunken stupidness is the main reason I didn't go. If I wanted to see a bunch of people act like complete idiots I would go to one of the bars. It is a community event which includes kids, if you can not act like an adult then don't go. Yes "god" created boobs blah blah blah but it does not mean that you can prance around showing them. If you chose to smoke then that is your CHOICE if you pay higher taxes then again that is your CHOICE. You chose to pick your first one and you also chose to pick up the last one. If you want to whine about the price quit I did. Smokers tend to think they have a right because they became addicted to something that they should be intitled to something. Why? Its a gross nasty smelling habit, maybe some people could afford to pay bills if they werent spending money on the taxes they have to pay that you mention. I do think that they should not allow alcohol at the event. Why do people find the NEED to go to a concert and drink? If the event loses money on such a lame excuse that someone didn't go "because I couldn't drink" then so be it. Don't get me wrong but I have no problem with someone having a drink or two and enjoying the evening, but when you find it neccesary to drink yourself stupid then stay at home or someone elses house. I know there is more that goes on at these events than what the paper reports and what people chose to see but how much longer will the events go on untill they are shut down for good because a few people got way to out of hand and people that are truely there to have a good time watching the band are hurt? Act your age wether you drink or not in a public event or stay home where the public doesn't have to deal with you.


hikingincolorado 6 years, 9 months ago

Regarding the drinking and kids at the concert, I was seated close to a large trash receptacle and more than a dozen times over a two hour period, there was a boy about 5 and a girl about 8 that would meander over to the trash about every 10-15 minutes, lift the lid and throw in a few empty beer bottles, very sad. At one point, the boy fell trying to get the trash lid to go high enough so his little fingers didn’t get crushed. After watching this for awhile, I went over to the adults they were with and commented to the inappropriateness, which at that point I was handed my words back to me, but sprinkled with some very colorful language; you’re damned if you do say something and damned if you don’t speak-up. Gosh, and we wonder how our kids get so screwed up; its time to look ourselves in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for social-ital ills!


colorado_22 6 years, 9 months ago

Jamcolo & hikingincolorado- well said.

With that, unfortunately, in Craig America there really just are not too many recreational things to do other than to drink. It is incredibly depressing, but the truth. It IS sad that we cannot enjoy Craig without people getting intoxicated, and ignorant (aka the softball fields, Whittle the Woods, pebble beach, south beach, all of the bars, Putt-Putt Golf, bowling, etc.....) but at all of these places/events you are guaranteed to see people under the influence all over the place.

Come on guys, the list goes on and on. Any event or place to hang out is saturated with ignorant drunks because we have nothing else to do around here. And I am not downing drinkers for their choices- I am a moderate drinker who was intoxicated Saturday as well. Generation after generation of people settles in this town, and we watch our families over time binge drink just to enjoy living in this town with nothing else to do.

It is a horrible reality but GUESS WHAT??? I smoke a pack a day and I would LOVE for the tax money I spend on smokes every day to go towards that recreation center here in Craig. I am a young adult that loves to drink, but I would love for there to be a place where we can go and have some sober fun. Unfortunately it is not going to happen, and why??? Because here in Craig people would rather spend just as much money on Whittle the Wood for one day of an oldies band, booze, and brawls than for a recreational center.

It's neither here nor there I suppose.


jamcolo 6 years, 9 months ago

LOL, I heard about the female flasher after I wrote this morning.Yap,it happens.

I for one would not take my young kids to see an oldies band where heavy drinking is going to happen,with a high probability of four letter words,fights and flashing. Don't sound like a family event to me.

I drank a few to many beers Saturday.I took the day off plus a couple more to do so.

I would love a Rec center but not like what was set up for a vote last time.A good sized tax increase, monthly dues and pay every time you went.


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