Business Beat: Plumbing and heating biz celebrates 86 years


Bryce Jacobson, Business Beat

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Shepherd & Sons Plumbing and Heating in Craig is celebrating 86 years of business and will be hosting a public celebration from 3 to 6 p.m. Friday.

The business will be offering free hamburgers, hot dogs and a drink. And, there will be a drawing for a free unit heater with installation.

You can contact the business by stopping at the downtown Craig location, 547 Russell St., or calling 824-6697.

You may also learn more by visiting, and searching the keyword, “shepherd.”

New business in town

John Pearson has opened his own practice, Pearson Physiotherapy Services, and has been open now for a couple of weeks in Craig.

Pearson graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and has lived in Craig since 1994. He said he wanted to live in a small town to raise his family.

Pearson Physiotherapy Services offers outpatient physical therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injury management and custom orthotics.

“ Quality of care,” and “helping people get better, quicker” are two primary focuses for Pearson, he said.

Stop by and wish him well at his 440 Taylor St., office, or call 826-4800.

My rant

The Moffat County Commission recently decided that a county budget analyst does not have a conflict of interest in serving as a board member on the county-owned and commission-appointed board for The Memorial Hospital.

The Craig Daily Press Editorial Board wrote an opinion piece for Wednesday’s edition urging commissioners to avoid going in this direction. Commissioner Tom Gray said he spoke with people about similar concerns.

As I walk around town on a daily basis, I hear a lot of feedback, positive and negative, concerning what is going on in politics and how we handle different things as a newspaper.

Because of that, I just want to say one more time that I see a conflict of interest in the decision to appoint Tinneal Gerber, a county employee who reports directly to the commissioners, as a hospital board member.

I want to clarify that my problem doesn’t lie with Gerber; I think she is more than qualified. My problem is that she is being put in a position that will conflict with her primary role as a county employee.

Second, I want to encourage the public to help fix problems that exist, and be part of the solution. Many people have said to me they are “giving up” because they feel their input isn’t valued and they can’t change things.

Don’t sell yourself or our community short.

Keep working with local elected officials to make this community the community you would like it to be.


justthefacts 6 years, 9 months ago

Bryce, Keep ranting. Your rant is very appropriate.

Fact: The County Budget Analyst answers only to the County Commissioners. No one above, no one below, no one higher, no one lower.

Of course, there is no one higher than a Moffat County Commissioner. (Nope, no anything higher. Even if they are higher, not even heaven higher. )

Fact: The TMH budget is formed by the Hospital Board, ( Not really, they rubber stamp the one creatively created by QHR staff), then on to the Budget Analyst, who just happens to be a Hospital Board Member, for approval, and then to her immediate supervisors, the Commissioners who rubber stamp her work. ( After they hired and now appointed her. Where does it all stop? Round and round we go, one big happy family)

Keep in mind, in the Commissioner's minds, there are no conflicts!!!

Fact: The way to fix problems is to vote. Vote for people that are responsive to the public. Do not vote for those that think that they are "The leaders", and we the uneducated, uninformed, working class, the sad little servants.

Just the facts for the American Way ( That may not be the Commissioner way)


CindyLou 6 years, 9 months ago

CDP Editorial Board = If McKey gets elected to the county coroner position should his wife have to resign from the hospita board? I mean this falls in your line of thinking, so should she be required to resign?


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