The Memorial Hospital Board approves 6-year Quorum Health Resources contract


The Memorial Hospital Board approved Tuesday, 7-0, a new contract with health care management company Quorum Health Resources at a special meeting.

The most recent QHR contract was negotiated and signed in 2004, and will expire June 30.

Board chairman Ron Danner, chair-elect Missy Bonaker and secretary/treasurer Don Myers worked for months on renegotiating the contract, Bonaker said.

They began by looking at options of signing on with other management companies, but ultimately decided to stay with QHR through a crucial time period, Bonaker said.

Bonaker, who replaced Ron Danner as board chair after he resigned May 26, said it was important to maintain continuity during a transitional period.

The Memorial Hospital moved into its new $42.6 million facility at 750 Hospital Loop in November 2009, is approaching the closing of its Department of Housing and Urban Development loan and will begin paying principal loan payments next month.

“We’re right there with our HUD closing and we need the continuity,” Bonaker said about the decision to stay with QHR. “If we don’t have Quorum, then we don’t have our (chief financial officer) because he’s a Quorum employee. QHR has been guiding us through the whole HUD thing. And, we’ve just had no problems with them.”

Bonaker told the board she was “very pleased” with the outcome of the negotiations.

The annual fee increased from $220,000 to $278,516, which she said is normal for that type of contract.

TMH chief executive officer George Rohrich, also a QHR employee, said he was looking forward to working with the board to move TMH into the future.

“We’re expecting so many good things to come to this organization,” he said. “With an increase and business, and patient care and quality at all time highs, continuity is crucial.”

He said 2010 might be a difficult year to get through, but putting the management

contract negotiation behind them and moving forward without disruption will be a benefit.

Bonaker, whose term as chairwoman will last two-and-a-half years, was also thinking ahead.

She said the contract with QHR could position the hospital well for the future of national health care.

“Health care is a major, major issue in the country right now,” she said. “What’s going to happen is that hospitals are going to need to partner together and my goal is to make this hospital attractive to other hospitals.”

To achieve that and other long-term goals, the board will have work well with the three new members added in the last five months.

John Kinkaid replaced Corrie Ponikvar, who did not reapply for another term, in January.

Forrest Luke was appointed to replace Melton Sullivan, who resigned in April. Luke participated in his first board meeting in May.

After Ron Danner’s May 26 resignation, the county Tuesday appointed Tinneal Gerber to the open seat.

Tuesday night was Gerber’s first board meeting.

But, Bonaker said she has confidence in the fresh faces and the board’s ability to move forward as a whole.

“It’s a good group,” she said.


justthefacts 6 years, 9 months ago

Aw, QHR convinced a Hospital board that wishes to Hear No Evil, See No Evil, or Speak no evil, that TMH could not live without them.

Fact: Ms Bonaker feels that QHR "Could position TMH well for the future of NATIONAL HEALTH CARE".

Really? Why hasn't that happened in the last 10 years of under QHR?

Fact: TMH is now like the song Jimmy Dean (RIP) sang, " ANOTHER DAY OLDER AND DEEPER IN DEBT" ( 43 million worth!)

Fact: Six more years of mismanagement on the way!!! Yampa Valley Medical Center Thank you for coming to town.

Fact: Our rescue is on Yampa Avenue, and only 43 miles away.

Just a Fact that could save your life.


Rebelgirl 6 years, 9 months ago

That may be your opinion justthefacts. But go ahead and have a heart attack and make it to steamboat without dying along the way or killing someone cause you pass out. If you want to deal with pain or a broken bone for an hour longer than necessary then be my guest. I know that management my suck in your opinion but the care I and my family have recieved at the hospital has always been great. Frankly if you have nothing good to say about anything in the community then why are you still here? If things in steamboat are so much better than leave. Nothing is stoping you. Either do something to change the problem or keep your mouth shut. I don't know where you get your so called "facts" but you can keep them to yourself. Like most parents said if you can't say something nice then keep your mouth shut. If I get sick or hurt I know where I will go and I am just thank full knowing there won't be a chance you will be there too.


T066J 6 years, 9 months ago

justthefacts, if you're going 43 miles in either direction on Yampa Avenue, you're not going to make it to Steamboat Springs!


justthefacts 6 years, 9 months ago

Fact: The Yampa Valley Medical center has opened a clinic at 651 Yampa Avenue. ( In Craig, next to the mortuary.)

Fact: So many Moffat County residents already make the trek to Stamboat Springs for their health care, it makes sense.

Fact: The clinic has quality doctors representing many specialties, and truly, the latest greatest in health care for the 21 st century. Call 879-1322 for more information. That's 879-1322 for quality health care in the Yampa Valley. ( I always wanted to do a radio comercial!)

Fact: Rebelgirl is correct, TMH is great for those on socialized public provided plans such as medicare and medicaid. It is also really good for those that don't pay, such as illegal aliens.

Fact: TMH provides over $1, 000,000.00 per year in charity care to the community.

Fact: Many that have insurance, or have a choice as to where they can go for health care, choose providers other than TMH!!!

Maybe, TMH should get the message, something is not right in Gotham Craig that we should have to leave our brand new $43 million dollar facility.

Just the Facts to live longer by.


David Moore 6 years, 9 months ago

Nice post Rebelgirl, hit the nail square on. I'd be happy to drive it home but I have better things to accomplish than to argue with a poster that gets their "facts" from the Good ol' boy table at the Cavvy(no offense whatsoever to the Cavvy, just a quote regarding the rumor mill within). Wake up justthefiction, you don't know your columns of Morgagni from a hole in the ground. And THAT is a fact!!!


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