Moffat County Commission to consider board openings


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• The Memorial Hospital and Moffat County Tourism Association boards have had recent resignaitons.

• The Moffat County Commission will review letters of interest for board vacancies at its Tuesday meeting.

• Tom Soos and Tinneal Gerber submitted letters for the TMH board vacancy.

• Dave DeRose and Tammie Thompson-Booker submitted letters for the MCTA board vacancy.

The Moffat County Commission will review letters of interest for two county board openings at its weekly meeting Tuesday.

The Memorial Hospital board and the Moffat County Tourism Association board both have vacancies after recent resignations.

The hospital board opening is for a Moffat County resident.

Chairman Ron Danner stepped down May 26 from his seat six months before his term was to end in January 2011.

He said his reasons were political, citing a perceived conflict of interest between his board position and the campaign of his wife, Audrey Danner, for the county commission District 2 seat.

The commission is looking for an individual to complete Ron’s term and then serve a five-year term through January 2015.

Tinneal Gerber, a Moffat County budget analyst, and Tom Soos, Moffat County emergency management coordinator, submitted letters of interest for the TMH vacancy.

Gerber said she felt it was important as a resident of Moffat County to give back to her community.

“I think serving on the hospital board would be a good way to give back,” she said.

She said she has worked for a board for the past 10 years by working as a budget analyst for the county, and said she can use her background to help the board move forward with the hospital’s new facility.

“I think I can hopefully learn more, and if I do get picked for the position, I can help them out with my background in public finance and administration,” Gerber said.

Tom Soos said he has worked in the health care sector for 28 years.

“I’ve got a long-term background in health care and emergency preparedness, and I think that would be a plus for a hospital,” Soos said.

He said he has worked for hospitals both large and small, and his focus would be on providing quality health care.

“My priority is good patient care,” he said. “ I think that would be a plus. I’d want to keep the hospital as up-to-date as possible and prepared for disaster.”

He said his wealth of experience could be an asset to the TMH board, which has accepted two new members since January.

John Kinkaid replaced Corrie Ponikvar, who did not reapply for another term, in January.

Forrest Luke was appointed to replace Melton Sullivan, who resigned in April. Luke participated in his first board meeting in May.

The county also received two letters of interest for the open MCTA board position.

Gina Robison resigned from her position May 14.

The new MCTA board member must be involved with the tourism or hospitality industries, and the term runs through December, according to county officials.

Dave DeRose, owner of Masterworks Mechanical and Craig lodging tax committee chairman, said he submitted a letter of interest because of his desire to be involved with how lodging taxes are used.

“I think we’ve identified areas where we can use some money right away, and get some things done,” DeRose said. “That and taking a look at what our existing (Moffat County) lodging tax is doing.”

Tammie Thompson-Booker, director of sales at the Candlewood Suites in Craig, also submitted a letter of interest for the MCTA board, but could not be reached for comment.

On Tuesday, the commission will discuss the letters of interest and possibly make appointments, according to the commission’s agenda.


justthefacts 6 years, 9 months ago

Fact: After 18 months, the Commissioner, " Our Leader" figured out that her being a County Commissioner, and her husband as the Hospital Board Chairman, was a conflict.

Most other people in the community did not take as long to see that there was an issue here!!

Fact: Ms. Gerber the County budget analyst, is a County employee that answers directly to the Commissioners.


Fact: All county budgets including the Hospital's, are presented to the County Budget analyst prior to going to the Commissioners.


Mr. Soos Is a former Hospital employee, and now a county employee answering directly to the County Commissioners.


Fact: Ms. Gerber and Mr. Soos, great people!! Wrong place!!!

Fact: The board recruiting efforts being used by the commissioners appear to be nepotism.

Fact: Nepotism, can be construed as corruption in many circles.

Just the refreshing facts.


John Kinkaid 6 years, 9 months ago

If the school board had an opening, would you want a district administrator who reports to the superintendent to be a school board member? Pretty sure it's not even allowed. I realize that the analogy isn't exact, but you get the idea.

Are you independent or do you buckle under pressure from your bosses?


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