Hampton: Sincerest apologies


To the editor:

I would like to publicly apologize to the management team at The Memorial Hospital for comments that I made in the article in the Craig Daily Press, entitled “Commission appoints Kinkaid to TMH board,” and on my Facebook account.

I would like the Craig community and surrounding areas to know that TMH is a great place to work and the comments made by me were done in one angry moment as well as the misinterpretation of a comment that was made upon my resignation from TMH.

From that, I have learned to think of all the positive things before focusing on one negative moment.

I would like you to know that George Rohrich, Sam-

-antha Johnston, Jade Wilhite and Beka Warren are a great management team and do a great job to make TMH the best hospital.

I again sincerely apologize for the comments that were made by me in the Craig Daily Press and on my Facebook account, and would like this community to know that TMH is a great place to work and receive medical care.

Michelle Hampton


justthefacts 6 years, 10 months ago

Fact: Bad actions lead to bad Karma.

What unfortunate things could have happend to poor Michelle that would lead to this retraction?

When testing, we are always told to take our first answer and stick with it. Your first instincts are usualy correct, changing your answer will normaly lead to an incorrect answer or conclusion.

Are we seeing an anomaly to the rule, or just changing to an obviously incorrect answer?

What are Just The Facts???


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