Williams: Blame the federal government, not Arizona


To the editor:

I need to respond to the opinion column printed in last week’s Moffat County High School Post Script about racism and the Arizona immigration law.

First, there is no question that racism is a problem, but it is not near the problem that the left would have you believe. This is a word that is used often by the liberal left to try and distract people or to muddy the waters about what they are doing; it is used to take the spotlight off their real agenda.

Remember how quickly the term was thrown out the instant people started disagreeing with Barack Obama? In truth, race had nothing to do with it; most that disagreed have an equal dislike for the Clintons. It is the socialist agenda of the far left and anyone that would attempt to destroy our nation with socialism. This is what people don’t like.

As for the Arizona immigration law, it seems that you are no different than the top law enforcement for the Obama administration — you didn’t read the law, either. The law specifically says that any request for proof of citizenship can only come after a legitimate traffic stop or some other infraction that would bring you in contact with law enforcement. The law specifically says racial profiling is not to be used for the reason for the contact.

The Arizona law is fairer about allowing racial profiling than current federal law. The real problem is the total failure of the federal government.

Any immigration reform should not include any form of amnesty for those already here illegally. You do not give a reward for breaking the law.

The federal government needs to address the real problems. No.1 is the politicians pandering for the Hispanic vote. No. 2 is the same politicians pandering to those that hire the illegal.

It’s simple: Stop trying to play both ends against the middle. Enact legislation that places a stiff fine of $10,000 on a business of any size from one employee on up for each illegal they hire, double it for the next infraction and the third time triple the fine and add 90 days in jail for upper management, and then enforce the law.

This will accomplish three things: it will dry up the job market for the illegal; level the playing field for all businesses that do the right thing and don’t hire the illegal; and it will not be a slap in the face for all those that have immigrated to this country legally.

If there is not a job market for them, there is no reason for them to come here. Any illegal found with false papers would spend a mandatory one year in prison and then be deported and never allowed to come here again. We have a right to control who is coming in and a right to reject anyone that is deemed undesirable.

 John Williams


als362 6 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Williams is exaclty correct. To say that the fantastic law that Arizona has had the good sense to enact is racist, is the same as saying that it is racist that 95+% of the terrorists in the world are of middle eastern descent. Also this law mirrors the federal immigration law, that Osama/Obama and his band of misfits choose not to enforce. I for one am very tired of people coming into this country illegaly, then telling me that I OWE them welfare, health care, schooling , groceries, and rent. If it were not for this type of spending all Americans would have more money to spend on the things that they need. If it were me the fine for hiring an illegal alien would be closer to $100,000.00 per person. After a few of these were handed out, there would be no more hiring of illegals. Great letter Mr. Williams.


MtnRider2 6 years, 10 months ago

Williams and Malory are 100% right. AZ is only taking care of a problem that the Federal government don't have the backbone to do. Its time to lock down take names and clean house.


RichardBarbosa 6 years, 10 months ago

Regarding the "racist" label that is freely thrown at those who object to illegal aliens in the United States who break in from any country, with any language, with any colored skin, the name-calling says more about the shouter than it does the recipient of the insult. A majority of the electorate in the United States elected Barack Obama, half white and 3/8 Arab and 1/8 black, so where is the "racism" there? In 2010, American citizens are not generally a racist people. The racism simply is not there, and it is dishonest for the name-callers to label anyone "racist" simply because he/she disagrees with Obama's Communist czars in the White House, with Obama's dangerous socialist policies, and with illegals who disrespect our laws and steal from our schools, our hospital emergency rooms, and our social programs through use of their anchor babies' new Social Security numbers.

Let us also clear up another lie that the liberal media and other dishonest and dangerous far-lefters have been spreading. It is false that Arizona's decision to codify federal immigration law, in order to make certain acts criminal offenses under the State Code, has anything to do with "racial profiling". It is nonsense, and a bald-faced lie, to claim that Americans of Hispanic heritage have anything to fear from the "new law", which is not new at all, but rather is the federal law that our weak, dishonest president, who in fact has no legitimate background in our U.S. Constitution despite his false claims that he used to teach Con Law, refuses to enforce.

Whenever anyone is stopped for speeding; drunk driving; carrying a bloody knife down the street; lewd conduct; exposing his genitals near a playground; filling his tank with gasoline and leaving without paying; shoplifting; etc., he will be asked by the police for I.D. Americans produce valid drivers licenses or legitimate State I.D. cards under these circumstances, and we think nothing of it, and we understand that we have not been "racially profiled". Foreign Nationals who are lawfully in our country produce their lawful foreign passport and valid visa documentation. How is it "racial profiling" for anyone of any color to be asked by law enforcement for identification when he is stopped for questioning following reasonable suspicion that a law has been broken and that the one briefly detained has information regarding the matter?

The problem for the illegal alien arises when he has no valid identification to produce to indicate that he is lawfully inside our U.S. borders. Now Arizona has taken the honest, decent, lawful approach and will detain those folks for ICE to pick up and deport. It just so happens that inside Arizona, illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala and Honduras out-number illegal aliens from Denmark and Germany and Ukraine by more than 99 to 1. That is due to the close proximity of Arizona to the U.S.-Mexican border, but it does not constitute "racial profiling" to state that fact.


RichardBarbosa 6 years, 10 months ago

I know that many of you will enjoy this, and it does relate to this topic, as there is a connection to Obama's lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution and his clear refusal to support and protect the American people and foreign nationals who are lawfully inside our borders.

I know professionally a criminal investigator who is employed by a local Sheriff's Department in metro Denver, and his wife, who is a former prosecutor. Both are life-long Democrats, but both are so disgusted by Obama's dishonest mishandling of many matters, including illegal immigration matters, that both have become registered Republicans in the past year. In the past six months, I also have changed my registration from Democrat to Republican.

This is the part you will love: the former prosecutor recognizes that Obama has no Constitutional background and no understanding of criminal or civil law, despite his claims that he has a Harvard Law Degree. The man refuses to release a copy of even his Harvard graduate school transcript.

The former prosecutor says that Obama is not really a lawyer; Obama just plays one on T.V. I agree with her and her statements about the fraud who sits in our Oval Office.


T066J 6 years, 10 months ago

"Change We Can Believe In" = the day we change out President Obama for one who supports this country.


P51 6 years, 9 months ago

Mr. Williams: What a silly, silly person. I was going to speak my mind. When I do the press censor removes my comment. I heard about a law that was about to be passed by some state where the police were required to detain and ask for the "papers" of oil field workers who looked retarded. The southeast states are so upset at oil field workers that they want to put them all in jail. And I think that all 50 states are going to pass this law soon. What a dumb thing to do. Put oil field workers in jail because they are not carrying their birth certificate or some other form of I.D. Just because Oil companies are in charge of so much damage to a body of water and hundreds of miles of beach and oil covered birds???


Ericshoberg2010 6 years, 9 months ago

To the Moderator: I am shocked... shocked... to see that you deleted my comment. In my view, it was a clear explanation of how the "new" immigration law in Arizona works, despite the goofy, false, outrageous suggestions made by the previous poster.

Would you please send to me a copy of my deleted post so that I can read for myself where you found it profane, outrageous, false, or otherwise not fit for publication? To delete my post is to let the previous poster continue in his delusion that the government is going to march into oil fields, demand papers without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, and basically turn the American legal system on its head.

I am not alone when I tell you that I find it very frustrating to attempt to express myself on exceedingly important issues, only to have you disrespect the time I have spent in drafting a comment by deleting it.

That is fine if you happen to disagree with my view on any matter, but it is wrong for a newspaper to squelch views with which it disagrees.


Ryan_Neece 6 years, 9 months ago

Wow! All these oh-so-insightful comments on this topic!

I apologize, but if you feel the need to A. respond to my collumns, and B. do it in a public forum, like this one, maybe it should at least be somewhat reasonable.

It is often said that when a man must resort to insulting those with whom he disagrees, it shows an invalidity in his argumentation. I agree, illegal immigration is a big problem. But calling those who say that racism is a problem, machinists of the liberal left, socialist, communist, and my personal favorite, how the issue is "used to take the spotlight off their real agenda."

No one in any position of actual power, ie, the President or Congress, is calling for any complete amnesty for illegal immigrants. To say this, is as many of you said on the opposite side, a bald faced lie. I find that when someone is trying to argue a point, and they do so with methods of blustering, insults, hypocrisy, and the like, that they truly do not know what they are speaking of.

Please, prove me wrong. I would LOVE to hear about Czar Obama's Communo-fascist socialist ideas to destroy our nation, destroy our people, and pervert society as we know it.


RichardBarbosa 6 years, 9 months ago

You're a smart kid, Ryan, but you are young. Do some reading this summer on history, forms of government, Fascism, Socialism, Nazi Germany... before you tell those who have a better foundation that they don't know of what they speak.

A retired State District Court Judge and former Air Force Colonel sent me something in his Christmas card this year that chilled me to the bone, because it is true, and because this brilliant man, at age 90, is old enough and wise enough to recognize it. The Judge wrote that Obama is "the most dangerous American president we have ever seen", and he prays regularly that he will serve only one term so that he will do as little damage to our nation as possible. I will stand with the Judge on this one, Ryan, rather than with you.

As for giving ANY lawbreakers amnesty of ANY kind, I think that is nuts. We are a nation of laws, and we do not reward lawbreakers by putting them ahead of lawful immigrants in line to get into our country. In addition, no successful nation ever excels by allowing in diseased, illiterate, largely unskilled people who either cannot or will not learn our language.

Sorry, Ryan, but I know from personal experience with you that you are a bleeding heart. Our country cannot afford to support everyone in Mexico, so please drop that idea, and get behind the idea of securing our southern border and supporting the American people. Maybe if you email Barry Soetoro regularly, you can get him to see the wisdom of not selling out the American people. For all his claims to the contrary, there is no documentation that Obama/Soetoro ever graduated from Harvard Law, that he ever was admitted to practice in Illinois, that he ever obtained a legitimate Social Security card in his own name, or that he ever read the U.S. Constitution, much less taught it.

With all your youthful hope and energy, Ryan, why don't you get behind a political leader who actually cares about you and other Americans? Obama/Soetoro will sell you out every time.


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