Tileston: Dealing with the deer


To the editor:

What do we have to do to get rid of these confounded deer?

On Tuesday night, after feasting on our purple Petunias (only the purple ones), a four-point buck tried to attack our friend, who tried to chase it away.

What has to happen before something is done?

Last summer, my neighbor across the street, who is 90, couldn’t go into her backyard because a buck threatened her when she did.

Do we need a  “make my deer law?”

Don’t anyone be talking to me about the poor little animals. They have thousands of acres to live in; I have only one little house and yard.

Our state legislators need to help us change the laws that say deer are more important than people.

That will be an uphill battle because the hunting lobby is so strong and so well funded. So, fine.

Let’s have lawn hunting season. Let’s do something.

Evelyn Tileston


native_craig_guy 6 years, 9 months ago

I don't think that the hunting lobby are the ones who you are going up against. It is the animal lovers and the state that are going to fight you. We have gone back to the principals of "King's game" in this country. Wild game does not belong to the people, it belongs to the government. While they assume all responsibilities for game and assume ownership they do not want to manage the problem. There will not be a "city hunting season" because there are too many safety concerns with the process. Besides it is illegal to hunt within 300' (could be incorrect on the exact distance) of an occupied dwelling and you cannot discharge a weapon in the city limits. Those are just two of the laws stacked against Craig Residents. Besides I would not trust someone to shoot a deer in their yard and not hit my house. You think the deer are dangerous what about poor shots (yest even at a close range) hunting in town. At least we are not like Aspen and we only have the deer to contend with. I still believe that every idiot (yes I said idiot) who has ever fed a friggin' deer in their yard is partially to blame for the problem.


rhammel 6 years, 9 months ago

Well, you choose to live in rural Colorado. Deer, pronghorn and skunks come with the territory. If you can't handle the wildlife, move back to the city. We have our own deer herd in Western Knolls and they are not a problem.


David Moore 6 years, 9 months ago

I just don't understand why people in Craig won't leave this subject alone. I have spoken with residents of Meeker, Steamboat, Hayden and other communities where I know somebody and they all accept having deer in the yard as part of living in Colorado. Nobody has been killed or gored(maybe because they are not foolish enough to approach one or they don't own a pesky pet)in any of those towns, therefore our problem is not unique or special in any way...it is a part of rural life. There are many countermeasures to keep deer from eating plants and being on your property, I suggest you try some. Accept the reality or move where they do not exist...problem solved.


als362 6 years, 9 months ago

People that feed the deer are the biggest part of this problem. I believe that placing a large fine, about $500.00 for the first offense, $1000.00 for the second, and $1000.00 and a week in jail for the third would be a great start to curb the feeding of the deer.
There are those deer, like the ones that come into my yard that eat the grass. I don't think there is a way to stop this. But having wildlife in town and in your yard is just going to happen here, I don't see a way around it. Managing wildlife is not keeping deer out of the city or someones yard. It is knowing how many animals are in the state, and selling the appropriate number of licenses to keep that population healthy but in reasonable check. I have never read anything in any states wildlife brochures that claims the state will keep animals out of your yard. The reason for that is simple, because it is not possible.
Animal populations have gotten so large that deer and other animals are seen even in some large cities. These are wild animals. Leave them alone!
If you stir up a nest of bees, you can expect to get stung. If you bother a deer, you can expect to get chased, or worse. Asking the state, county or city to keep the deer out of your yard is I think a very silly request.


David Moore 6 years, 9 months ago

Well said Als365. Strange that we have a large herd of them living 200 yards down the road from us and I have yet to see one in my yard eating my shrubbery or flowers. Plant a delicacy, expect it to get eaten. In my opinion, the best solution may be: 1. Don't feed them...at all, starving or not nature will play out for them. 2. Keep your pesky pets from disturbing them and they may not get hurt. No offense but poodles are pesky little creatures and I can totally see a deer getting annoyed by one. 3. DO NOT approach one to "chase it off", dumb move and you deserve what you get. Leave them alone. 4. Hefty fines for those supporting the local herd. No food for them, no deer to worry about. 5. Plant deer resistant shrubs and plants...again, no food, no deer. It's really pretty simple if you think about it.


Really 6 years, 9 months ago

People have been gored in other CO towns this past year. One was an older lady walking from the house to her car. I don't think shooting them in town is a good idea, but eventually someone will get hurt. I don't know the answer, but it does worry me.


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