Craig insurance companies announce merger

Mountain West acquires Moffat Insurance Agency in Craig



The Craig office of Mountain West Insurance & Financial Services is shown above at 100 E. Victory Way. Mountain West recently acquired Moffat Insurance Agency, which opened in 1948. The merger will allow Mountain West to offer expanded services to customers, according to a news release.

Mountain West Insurance & Financial Services, LLC has acquired Moffat Insurance Agency in Craig as of July 1, according to a news release from Mountain West.

Mountain West, a locally owned and operated insurance and financial services company, acquired Moffat Insurance from Johnstown-based PFS Insurance Group, LLC.

The acquisition will benefit customers, the company reported in the release.

“With this acquisition, Mountain West and Moffat customers will have access to exceptional service, expanded resources and enhanced capabilities,” said the release.

Mountain West employs 30 people, and has offices in Craig, Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Meeker and Grand Junction. Moffat Insurance opened in 1948.

The merger will also enhance Mountain West’s ability to “advance its’ overall strategy of improving customer service and providing the broadest selection of competitive products,” the company reported in the release.

Dave Schwerin, Dale Boggs, LaVan Stehle and Laurie Ogden are slated to join Mountain West and continue serving Moffat Insurance Agency customers.

The employees are in the process of transitioning from their current location at 316 W. Victory Way to Mountain West’s Craig office at 100 E. Victory Way.

The transition should be completed by Aug. 1.


diva 6 years, 9 months ago

What about those that lost their jobs? May be great for customers, or then again maybe not. My daughter is a customer of Moffat Insurance and had a great connection with her agent, now her agent has been laid off. Not so great for Craig or the economy.


reese 6 years, 9 months ago

My daughter may very well be the agent that was laid off. There is something wrong when an employee who brought in 60,000.00 in new business in one month is let go when the company is bought out is laid off. In my opinion the way this whole "merger" was done is a farce. Not only did the three people laid off lose their jobs, but also lost all benefits the same day.

My husband and I among others are moving our insurance from this/these companies to American Family Ins, another local company with a reputable reputation and business!!

I can only hope that other customers of Moffat Insurance company speak up or follow suit and move their business elsewhere..


barkley10 6 years, 9 months ago

The whole situation was handled very poorly in my opinion. The valued customers of Moffat Insurance haven't been given any notice of this merger, not a very professional or ethical way to treat the people that pay the salaries of the Mountain West employees. There are many customers that built very strong bonds and working relationships with the agents that were laid off, now they are being forced into a relationship with a stranger as an agent. The strong local bond and community atmosphere at Moffat Insurance has been ruined by this merger and agent lay off, I hope the customers speak up and tell the new owner and current agents how they feel. Whether this be by phone call or transfer of insurance, it should be voiced if they feel strongly about the mess they've been thrown into. With any luck the laid off agents will find a great home with one of the other companies in town and take their valued customers with them, help the worthy companies build their client base. If you're one of these customers, call the company of your choice and tell them you want your agent and your insurance transferred to their office!


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