John Walker walks out of Movie Gallery with a bag full of DVDs on Saturday during a going-out-of-business sale at the store in Centennial Mall. Walker bought 20 DVDs at the store for $29.95.

Photo by Shawn McHugh

John Walker walks out of Movie Gallery with a bag full of DVDs on Saturday during a going-out-of-business sale at the store in Centennial Mall. Walker bought 20 DVDs at the store for $29.95.

Movie Gallery in Craig closes doors as part of national shutdown



Domenic James browses an aisle for DVDs during a going-out-of-business sale Saturday at Movie Gallery. The movie rental chain is in the process of closing the doors of stores around the country.

Hundreds of plastic cases that had been on shelves at Movie Gallery in Craig for months found their way into customers’ hands Sunday for the last time.

The store, located inside the Centennial Mall at 1111 W. Victory Way, spent weeks clearing out inventory before officially closing Sunday. The store offered discounts on its supply of DVDs, Blu-rays and video games in the weeks leading up to the closing.

Part of a national chain, Movie Gallery opened in 2003 and employed five people at the time of closing. Movie Gallery, Inc., filed for bankruptcy in February.

The company began closing less profitable Movie Gallery franchises around the country, as well as Hollywood Video and Game Crazy stores, which the company also owns.

Movie Gallery staff was notified of the pending closure in May.

Since then, the business stopped receiving new movies for rental and focused on selling products in stock, offering some items for 50 percent off, and continually marking them down until the final weekend sale.

Over the weekend, many items were offered at 90-percent discount.

Manager Lacie Hawkins said the store saw the biggest customer turnout in its last days as customers took advantage of the discounts.

Some were buying 20 DVDs at a time, as well as Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PlayStation games, available for a fraction of the original price.

Also coming off the shelves were a small selection of Blu-rays and the now-defunct HD-DVD format, in addition to bundles of extra empty cases sold for $5 apiece.

Hawkins said she and her staff had been offered various compensation packages from Movie Gallery that had yet to be worked out.

“For now, we’re all just taking a break, and then I don’t know what we’re going to do,” she said.

With the merchandise gone, the store’s furniture and equipment are the next to go, as the employees clear out the location.

Vicki Hall, property manager for the Centennial Mall, said the store’s location has not yet been rented by another business.

“There have been some people looking at it, but nobody’s made an offer,” Hall said. “It doesn’t seem likely that another movie place will move in.

“There’s just been such a change with the overall economics of that.”


taxslave 6 years, 8 months ago

Wasn't it just in "print" in the CDP that sales tax in craig would rise this month. Do you see the misinformation being fed to us?

And it's only getting worse. Commercial real estate is taking a major dive and real estate properties across the board are indeed falling.....check appraisal prices against the listed......protest any increased property taxes coming our way. Demand lower salaries and decreased benefits for those we keep employed through "local" taxes.

Aren't Commissioners paid north of 50K (?) w/100% benefits? We should ALL be running for office to get these cush jobs.

How about changing those commissioner meeting hours? 8 am as you know keeps the working, local tax payer away.


Ray Cartwright 6 years, 8 months ago

Even though this article has nothing to do with Commissioner Meetings; I too would like to see the meetings scheduled in the evening hours so that working men and women could attend. Maybe that should be one of the criteria for voting for a canidate.


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