TMH turnover 23 percent in 2009

Official: Hospital is exactly where it needs to be, regardless of numbers


By the numbers

The Memorial Hospital employee turnover in 2009:

• Employee turnover: 43 (23 percent of total staff)

• Employees lost due to resignation and termination: 27 (13 percent of total staff)

At first glance, The Memorial Hospital’s employee turnover numbers look concerning, said Samantha Johnston, TMH chief of organizational excellence.

However, when assessed in the context of “cultural change,” Johnston said TMH is exactly where it needs to be.

“Ideally, we would have no turnover,” she said. “We want to keep our good workers. But part of that is making good hires and making sure people are happy in their role. That means providing good job descriptions and compensation so that people come to work in a good environment.”

At the hospital board’s monthly meeting Wednesday, Johnston handed out a report of all employees who left the hospital in 2009, explaining the reasons for each one and their outcomes to the board.

Of 202 total employees at TMH, 42 were lost to resignation, termination, retirement, relocation and the end of a temporary position, according to the report. One employee included in the report died in an accident.

Johnston said it is not normal to measure turnover by including every person who left for any reason, and most companies usually only include terminations and resignations.

Excluding retirement, resignation because of health issues and the one death, Johnston said the turnover was closer to 13 percent of the total staff, which is well within the organization’s goal of 15 percent.

Johnston said when she arrived at TMH two years ago, the hospital was about to embark on a “journey of cultural change” because of complaints from the community about customer service and patient treatment.

Since then, Johnston and TMH have implemented programs structuring employee behavioral standards and practices to improve service and patient relations.

She said part of that process is finding the right group of people to work as a team to move in the right direction.

“We hope one day that we get there, that one day this will be the place to work,” she said. “But change is a brutally hard uphill battle sometimes.”

Of the 27 employees who were terminated or resigned in 2009, Johnston said some people only worked for a few days before deciding a job at TMH was not for them, while one failed a drug test on the first day of work.

Sometimes, Johnston said, the new behavioral standards created issues with staff.

“We have definitely seen people wash out because of our expectations of behavior and where they were willing to meet us,” Johnston said. “On the flip side, most of our staff is incredible, and there are a just small percentage of people who don’t reflect our standards.”

She said the loss of almost a quarter of the workforce for various reasons was not necessarily a reflection on hospital administration, but that TMH will continue to work with employees to the best of its ability.

“In any organization with more than 200 people, there is no chance that every single person will be completely satisfied with management and that it’s their ideal situation,” she said. “That doesn’t mean we won’t try to make it the best possible work environment.

“Our ultimate goal is to do the very best that we can for the hospital and for the community, and that includes our employees.”

She said there are 40 employees who have worked at TMH for more than 15 years.

But when it comes to making a cultural shift at the hospital, Johnston said turnover is just part of getting there.

“It’s not like I look at this and say there’s nothing concerning about it, because ideally, we’d never have a termination,” she said. “Ideally, we’d pick the right person and educate them enough about what’s expected of them. But sometimes, someone who’s been here for several years might get a new manager and just not see eye to eye. I don’t see that as a failure on our part.”

Johnston said the report about turnovers is not meant to draw attention away from the employees that work at the hospital: it is meant to be a tool.

“My focus isn’t on who iss left,” she said. “We can focus on this survey and do exit interviews and everything, but my focus is on doing the right thing by those who are still there, and how can we make things better for them.”


justthefacts 7 years, 1 month ago

Fact: The Press- Ganey survey indicates that the vast majority of employees at TMH are not happy with their jobs or management. ( 75%)

Fact: The national average for employees at a 25 bed hospital is 125-140. ( Who is not doing their job???) 202 are you kidding me??

Fact: The only employees happy at TMH are the ones making six figures. ( The CEO, CFO, DEPARTMENT HEADS, SAMMY,) What is the average wage in Moffat County??

Just the facts !!!


taxslave 7 years, 1 month ago

May I suggest that you line up at the next commissioners meeting and ask for an explanation. They are accountable to the people of Moffat County who are backrolling this fiasco.

Off subject....I recently heard that Craig is facing five foreclosures a day.

Before services are cut I suggest we demand a cut of wages and a huge cut of their 100% health care coverage from those in power.

Read what is happening in Colorado Springs....they are cutting everything....parks, cops, sheriffs, pools, libraries, lighting, etc. See Denver Post.


justthefacts 7 years, 1 month ago

Fact: Employee A was terminated for testing positive on a drug test.

Fact:Employee B failied the drug test once, then was tested again and failed once more. Was tested a third time passed and was promptly hired at TMH.

Fact: The difference? Employee B is a firefighter brethren of the Officer of Excellence!!! ( EXCELENT) . Employee A did not have connections. ( Lesson to be learned here?)

Just the very sad facts of TMH.

Fact: Some CFOs, CCOs, and Chiefs of Respiratory can Love on all employees that make themselves available.( and have!!!)

Fact: ER would be canceled if, as TMH Turns was ever aired on TV.

Fact: Unused beds are just just term without meaning at TMH.

Fact: TMH Management fails to discourage such actions.

Fact: The Hospital Board fails to act when they know the same information. ( Afraid that they might lose the insurance benefit ? Who said that they are volunteers? What does insurance cost these days? )

Fact: The County Commissioners have some responsibility here to..


justthefacts 7 years, 1 month ago

New patient Information from TMH,

Welcome to TMH - ( The Menagerie Hospital) We hope to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our 202 employee staff has the bar raised for your convenience.

At 202 employees strong, on a bad day you can expect 8.08 employees to be assigned to you. You will have one doctor, nurse, respiratory tech, lab tech, x ray technician, physical therapist, cook and janitor assigned to you. Most days we have less than 10 patients, so you can also expect a nurse's aide, concierge, pharmacist, EMT, Officer of you choice, and three wild card positions. ( We call them wild card because we don't know what they do either. ( Check with the CEO)

This all brought to you by the rural health care experts at QHR.

Enjoy your stay and THANK YOU for choosing TMH.

Sammy, Sammy Bo Bammy Officer of Excellence

New directive from the management of TMH - The Menagerie Hospital:

Since TMH continues to lose money from operations at an alarming rate, we must do all that we can to make sure that we are as efficient as possible. We do need to start paying $365,000.00 per month on the new house starting in July, and may not have the money.

Effective imediately employees that attend out of town trainings in multi- gender groups, will share rooms.

Since management realizes that only 1/2 of the rooms have been used in the past, we see this as a sensible cost saving method.

Please plan accordingly!!! ( in case you haven't already.)

The Multiple Officers of TMH


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