Dick Prosence: Rails not a good idea


To the editor:

The national debt ceiling has just been increased by $1.9 trillion.

The total debt is a staggering amount and incomprehensible to most of us. And yet our president stands before Congress and proposes spending more than $8 billion on high-speed rail in various locations, including Florida and California. This is part of his “jobs” bill, formerly called “stimulus.”

Few jobs will be created for many years.  

Some design firms will win lucrative contracts, and some people will be put to work preparing environmental impact statements. Lawyers will benefit from lawsuits generated by property condemnations, but it will be a long time before construction workers will build anything.

This is not a good proposal for quickly adding to the job force.

Our national government must stop spending borrowed money, especially for ill-advised programs such as this.

If Florida and California want high-speed rail, they should tax themselves to pay for it. High-speed rail in isolated areas around the states is not in the national interest.

Only a nationwide integrated system would come close to meeting that standard. As an example, the interstate highway system was agreed to and approved by Congress before any money was allotted to it.

The more important message is: Stop all spending on unnecessary programs.

Dick Prosence



als362 7 years, 3 months ago

There is a way to fix the job market, and cure the health care issue at the same time, without taxation. This country needs a law that states, if you want to sell it in America, it needs to be manufactured in America.
At present, most of our goods come from foreign factories. This helps these countries, not ours. If all of our goods were manufactured in America, then there would be more than enough jobs to go around, and families would get thier health care from thier employer, not from a socialist government run plan. During WW2, our enemies were amazed at the amount of equipment that America could put on the battlefield. This happened because America was the largest producer of goods in the world. Factories were able to begin produce war materials quickly because the manufacturing core was there. Right now it is not. We need to get that status back again. Not just for jobs and health care but also to make the rest of the world know we are the greatest, strongest nation. I tell you this is the best and really the only way to solve the jobs and health care issues. Now we send raw materials to other countries, and they ship us back manufactured goods. Thes materials and goods are transported on ships that burn oil. Millions of gallons of oil. Think of the oil we could save if we were not shipping things back and forth across the world. There would be no oil crisis. Throw out NAFTA and CAFTA and all these other trade treaties, and lets take care of ourselves for once.


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