Susan Whinery: Integrated Community should be applauded


— To the editor:

As an Integrated Community volunteer, I’d like to make a quick clarification regarding Mr. Reina’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Craig Daily Press.

A course entitled English as a Second Language refers to the order in which an individual learns the language rather than to a value judgment of which language is superior or preferred.

Immigrants to this country, quite naturally, have learned another language before English.

Their enrollment in the ESL class indicates a desire to learn and communicate in English, and Integrated Community should be applauded for providing this valuable learning opportunity.

Susan Whinery


lostyermarbles 7 years, 3 months ago

Yes, but this IS the U.S and to start talking spanish as soon as someone rounds a corner is rude. If you can speak our language while you are in our hospital getting free care, or in the welfare line, or in the drivers licenses line don't be rude to those of us BORN and are citizens here. If you like it here, then treat the people here with respect. If not, go back to your language country if you like it so good, but don't be RUDE! And Mr. Reina has a good point of how you want to be here, be American that's where your at! That's where your at. We speak this language HERE we are not THERE.. We all don't know your language so if you want to be understood and be united,Be HERE, don't try to bring THERE here and make the people HERE feel like they are in a foreign country when this is OUR home. Take the class and quit trying to act like your undercover cuz some of us DO understand what your saying.


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