Orvie Zimmerman works to install a new sign at The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic at 785 Russell St. in November 2009. The clinci, which resides at the former site of The Memorial Hospital, will undergo several renovations in the new year.

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Orvie Zimmerman works to install a new sign at The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic at 785 Russell St. in November 2009. The clinci, which resides at the former site of The Memorial Hospital, will undergo several renovations in the new year.

TMH to undergo $50,000 in renovations


It started with an estimate on new carpet to liven up The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic at 785 Russell St.

Then, it appeared as if some of the rooms could use new tiling, sinks and countertops.

Eventually, turning The Memorial Hospital’s old campus into the home of two medical clinics became a full-blown project that was put before the TMH board at its meeting Wednesday night.

The $50,000 in renovations — including new copy machines, windows, doors and flooring — was approved, 5-0.

Board member Don Myers said the building is mostly in “good shape,” but there were several small changes that could benefit the clinic.

“We had someone come over to do an estimate on the carpets, and we looked and there was more things,” Myers said. “We thought we’d take a look at everything there and have a full project price. It would give us some flexibility to keep the bids more confidential.”

For about 60 years, TMH occupied the north end of the building at 785 Russell St. In recent years, the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association rented out the south side of the building.

When the hospital moved into its new facility west of Craig, it decided to consolidate its medical clinics into the old building.

The Valley Health Center, featuring OB/GYN doctors and other specialists, previously was located in the basement of the Russell Street building.

The Health Center now has expanded to use some of the old space upstairs.

The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic, including Dr. Andrew Hughes and two physician’s assistants, relocated from its old building on Yampa Avenue to the old hospital campus.

With a new MRI machine located in the new hospital, TMH could terminate the lease on the TMH Medical Clinic building on Yampa, saving funds and unneeded space.

Ideally, hospital officials said, a new medical office building will be erected on the new campus, allowing clinicians and specialists to work near the new hospital.

However, with a tight budget year and looming loan payments on the new building, that vision could be several years off.

“It’s common knowledge that an MOB would be great and we’d love to be right here,” said Samantha Johnston, TMH chief of organization excellence.

The board and administrators ultimately agreed that even if the old hospital campus is a temporary clinic space, it needed to be renovated.

“If we’re going to use that thing, we have to take care of it,” Myers said. “Keeping that hospital well-maintained in the past really paid off. A lot of areas are very nice. If we take the time and do it right, the value will stay up there.”

The $50,000 project was not budgeted for in the 2010 budget, and chief financial officer Bryan Chalmers said funds will be taken from other budget items to pay for it.

“We have the need, we have numbers,” Chalmers said. “But we wanted to get approval to say we can spend up to this amount, so people don’t see later a project costing $200,000 or something.”

Myers said the investment was relatively small and an important one that will help give local doctors the best possible clinic in the Russell Street building

“There’s plenty of room there,” Myers said. “That hospital has had just about every function in every room at some point. Since the move, we’ve had staff working evening and nights, working on their own time to renovate it. It’s taken a lot of help from staff to make this happen. Now, it’s just a lot of just cleaning, painting and cosmetic things.”


xrsareus 7 years, 2 months ago

Quote from paper "However, with a tight budget year and looming loan payments on the new building, that vision could be several years off."

I have a few questions... With that statement why would the hospital board want to spend $50,000 right now? I never heard any mention about the County Commissioners in the newspaper article. I thought they were in charge of the Hospital building. What is their position with the Hospital's decision? Are they just kept out of the loop about the Hospital's dreams?


taxslave 7 years, 2 months ago

Furhermore, weren't we told that this was a "sick" building that couldn't/shouldn't be remodeled? Checking my sanity here. Isn't that why we built the new one? There are the same amount of beds at the new as the old. Someone want to tell us what is really going on?

Also, what's with all the chemtrails today and why aren't we talking about them? Something is very wrong when we can't talk about something.....like the new war against Yemen. Where was Congress on this one, eh?


lostyermarbles 7 years, 2 months ago

I have been dealing with the new "Facility". Brother, why we needed this is anyone's guess. Why didn't they spend money to just fix the old one as far as I can tell, they can't man the new one because it is not busy enough. Sat. when it snowed the sidewalks were terrible. There was no one maning the main entrance it was locked. They had a emergency on the ward so the e.r was left unmaned too.Someone with a heart attack got left in a chair for a couple hours because they couldn't get them to a room. So if we have a disaster flip a coin on which end will get the doctor. And now there are 3 doc's on a case and none can relay messages on what to do so the patient is waiting, and waiting, and waiting. One hand doesnt know what the other is doing. The professionalism didn't get there with the new hospital yet. $$$$$$$Should of put the money in the old one and said good to go.


als362 7 years, 2 months ago

All true, but the politicians, contractors, and administrators all got thier palms greased.


taxslave 7 years, 2 months ago

All GOVERNMENTS ARE IN THE HANDS OF SATAN Satan did not say to Jesus: ‘I will give you SOME of these kingdoms, in exchange for you falling down and worshipping me’. He said: ‘ALL these things will I give thee…’. In other words, ALL KINGDOMS AND GOVERNMENTS are in the hands of Satan and are controlled by him. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


SamanthaJohnston 7 years, 2 months ago

xrsareus and taxslave:

To answer a few of your questions:

  1. The hospital has the same number of rooms as the old hospital - this is correct. This is exactly what we pitched from day one of the mill levy campaign. In order for TMH to continue to receive Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement through its current model, it must remain a Critical Access Hospital, which means a restriction to 25 beds. However, the part that you may have forgotten is that there were 20 beds in 10 rooms in the old facility - meaning that 10 rooms were double rooms. This meant that, even though we had 20 actual beds in those 10 rooms, we did not always have 20 "available" beds. We had 5 additional beds between OB and isolation. In double rooms, there are restrictions as to gender, disease-type, etc. In the new facility, we truly have "25" available beds as they are all in private, individual rooms. This, in effect, increases our "available" beds and allows for proper privacy for our inpatients.

  2. What is the county position on the old hospital? While I will not speak for the Moffat County Commissioners, they have a representative of the Board attend every board meeting with rare exception. Not only are they aware of what we are doing in the old facility, they are an integral part of the discussions about the old building.

I have asked TMH CFO Bryan Chalmers to pull some figures for me to post here that should help all of you understand and appreciate the clinic conversion in the old building. The old facility was no longer suitable for a hospital, but there are multiple other uses for it. The consolidation of clinics will come at a tremendous savings for TMH, and therefore, the taxpayers as we will save money on leases of space and equipment. It makes good financial sense to make use of an essentially vacant and paid-for building, especially when it comes at a savings to the hospital. When the numbers are available, I will post them.

As always, feel free to attend a board meeting. We have discussed the issues you raise here in many consecutive board meetings. The meetings are the last Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

Samantha Johnston


SamanthaJohnston 7 years, 2 months ago


As promised, below is the break-down of the rental costs incurred for the Moffat Building downtown (formerly known as the MRI building) and the space currently rented in the Centennial Mall for TMH's physical therapy department:

Monthly payment for the Moffat Building $8,652.94 or $103,835.28 annually.

Monthly payment for the Mall $2,028.42 or $24,341.04 annually.

Total annual rental $128,176.32.

The cost savings from the consolidation from the MRI building in 2010 alone will more than cover the cost of the renovation. PT isn't expected to move until late spring - probably March/April - but the annual savings is worth the reinvestment in the old building.

Renovations included critical things that must be updated such as paint, carpet, minor renovation of patient treatment/exam rooms, etc. This would be classified as slight remodeling rather than renovation.

I hope this helps to bring some light to the subject. As always, I am available by email at samantha.johnston@tmhcraig.org or by telephone at (970) 826-3109 anytime. I welcome feedback, comments and questions.



xrsareus 7 years, 2 months ago

Makes more sense now Samantha, Just had not heard any comments from the Moffat County Commissioners. I thought they owned the building and would have to give approval, blessing, during one of their meetings. I like the new hospital, never used it, just took the tour. Thanks


Frank Estey 7 years, 2 months ago

taxslave, says, “Also, what's with all the chemtrails today and why aren't we talking about them? “

tax slave, My guess might be that chemtrails are a government plan of sterilization to keep people like U from multiplying.


P51 7 years, 2 months ago

to taxslave: The "chemtrails" which are vaportrails can be explained. I have seen the very thing you are talking about. Those streaks running every which way across the sky, over our heads. It's an attempt to reunite Pangea. And I don't think it will work. It is theocratic bullying. As you suggest it is connected with the attempt by Yemen to infiltrate this very society in which we live. If you believe in superstition, as you do, you know that it is a way for "them" to brainwash us.


westslopeguy 7 years, 2 months ago

Thanks P51! That helps explain alot of what I see on these pages. Whew I thought it was just me going crazy.

Errrrr, are the chemtrails affecting what I see, or what is seen?

hmmmmmmmmm.... Paul


daybyday 7 years, 2 months ago

taxslave, just wanted to mention that when satan offered the kingdom to Jesus, he didn't create and control them and they didn't belong to him. :) He continues to influence, but has already been condemned. Some may not believe in the word of God, but I would hope most Americans believe in the constitution of the United States. In both, government should promote and protect good and punish evil. A righteous (good) ruler should seek to be a steward and to serve, rather than to seek power, fame or fortune. He will seek equality and impartiality and he will be concerned with the rights of the poor, afflicted, and helpless. He will be a seeker of truth, and will expose evildoers, punish them and protect others from them. It was always the intention that Godly men would lead in government, and our foundation of government is good (better than any other on earth), even though the way we have chosen for it to function is not good.


justthefacts 7 years, 2 months ago

TMH had a net operating revenue of -$1.3 million dollars in 2009. ( Yes that is a negative) The Craig Daily Press has failed to mention that fact.

The TMH CEO is the most Highly compensated executive in Moffat Couny. ( Can you say nearly $200.000 per year?)

The TMH Board continues to give performance bonuses to the CEO inspite of huge losses.

TMH browed $1,000,000 to replace a servicable MRI that they failed to maintain. ( Should that have not been voted by the community at a county Hospital?)

TMH spent another $500.000 that was not budgeted to house the new MRI.

Smantha Johnson ( The Spin Doctor) continues to use her connections at the Craig Daily Press to make sure that at least 3 stories a week run to spin a positive light on an organization that has deep problems.( How many people were fired this week?)

The Hospital CEO and CFO spend money without board approval and accuse the board of micro managing when questions are ask.

The TMH Board spent less that 30 minutes reviewing a $32 million dollar budget. The TMH budget is the largest in the county. The Schools, County and City all spend considerably more time on smaller budgets. (Weeks)

The TMH board always cowers to QHR even in questions of unexlplained losses.

The Board spends over $500,000 per year to to contract QHR to operate an organization that is loosing money and the respect of the community.

The Board does not hold QHR or it's CEO accountable.

The County Commissioners do not hold the Board accountable.

QHR estimates to the board to remodel the old hospital was $15.000, it is now $50,000. ( and ok?)

The hospital board Chairman is married to a County Commissioner.

The old TMH culture is alive and well in the new facility.

What is the story about putting a dress on a pig?


taxslave 7 years, 2 months ago

Hey GreyStone, what makes you think you can comment like that about me? If you want to make comments like that than use your real name you coward. If you want to hide behind a keyboard keep stuff like that to yourself. I didn't say anything about you. I don't lie like most of the county either.


justthefacts 7 years, 2 months ago

TMH had a net revenue from operations of -$1.3 million dollars in 2009. TMH will have to start paying $325.000 per month on the new house starting in July of 2010. That is $ -1.9 million dollars.

TMH will pay a full year for the new house in 2011. $ -3.9 Million dollars.

-$1.3 million dollars - $1.9 million dollars = - 3.25 million dollars in 2010.

$-1.3 million dollars - $3.9 million dollars = - $5.200,000.00 dollars in 2011. (Yes these are all negatives.)

Riddle me this Samantha, O Master of the Spin how will you get back to at least 0 in 2010????

Or how about 2011 or 12 or 13 .......

Now in math a negative x a negative is a positive, but here you are only allowed to use certified accounting principles. A negative minus a negative is a really big NEGATIVE.



Frank Estey 7 years, 2 months ago

Hey taxslave,

I am astonished and deepley offended with your combative comment on my response to your inquiry about the chemtrails. You were asking for conversation about chemtraile and I naively responded to your inquiry, Whereupon you took offense with my response.

What gives ?

It is a fact that the BLM has initiated a program to sterilize of our coveted wild horse population in Western Colorado.

Is it an impossibility that those chemtrails are not a satanic government attempt to sterilize government dissenters?

What about the TMH thing that we were talking about? Lets focus......


CindyLou 7 years, 2 months ago

Just the Facts

Wow you have a lot of information. How come the daily press hasn't done more on this? Is it the advertising dollars that the hospital spends with them that they are afraid to lose?


You are an IDIOT


justthefacts 7 years, 2 months ago

To you CindyLou Who, I believe your question to be the answer correct. For all we know TMH may be a wreck!!

SAMMY, SAMMY on the wall yor answers await us all.


STANHATHHORN 7 years, 2 months ago

justthe facts, I lack your poetic skills but I believe I have usefull info. The last amortization schedule I received from TMH indicated monthly payments of about $380,000 for the next several years, or about $4,500,000 annually. The first month in the new facility recorded a drop in sales (revenue) of about 20% while expenses were about 8% over projections, for an operating loss of about $400,000 for the month of November. I requested on 12/02/09 various financial documents from TMH that would probably answer all the questions that we have.On 12/29/09 I received a note from TMH that stated "We currenly have staff out of office, and I appreciate your patience while we prepare the information for delivery to you". I believe Colorado Statutes require response within 3-days. sammy, sammy, never responds to legitimate questions. But , if I were a cash strapped public entity, I would drop the position of "Service EXcellence Officer" as fast as I would the alliance with Quorum.


justthefacts 7 years, 2 months ago

Thank you Stan you are the man! For years you have ask for accountability and all that you have recieved were sneers.

Samantha, O Master of Spin is the TRUTH something you don't dispute? Your answers appear to be thin. Has your spin lost it's Zin?

Roses are red and violets are blue, the wreck seems to be happening where are YOU???


justthefacts 7 years, 2 months ago

Stan: What!! No Sammy Sammy on the wall, could that be better for all? Revenues are down, expenses are up,where is the Hospital Board in this whole mess? Snore, Snore, Snore untill the Bankers roar?


tanyascrappy 7 years, 2 months ago

Let's see....the average full-time employee, who makes an entry level salary, costs the hospital nearly $2000 to hire, train, do the required background checks and paperwork. Add in the cost of benefits, guaranteed salary even if the employee isn't "productive", the start-up time of needing to learn the job hired for, and let's just estimate you have approximately $5000 per employee. Now, multiply that by how many employees were fired, resigned, or have had multiple complaints to the management regarding their treatment and have been quietly forced out, and you will see that the hospital, had it been paying better attention to it's employees, would hav saved enough in just personnel costst to pay for that rennovation. Heaven forbid the employee hired actually is a professional and the recruitement costs, sign on bonuses and other "perks" promised, and those costs skyrocket! It is way past time for the commissoners, the managment and the people of Craig to take a deeper look at what is really happening with TMH, it isn't just going to go away, you cannot heal a wound that is infected only by putting a band-aid on it, you actually have to remove the infection and clean it out...from the inside! Pay attention Craig - you have lost SEVERAL talented skilled and highly educated people already, are you really willing to lose more so Sam, Kathy Fagan and George can stay in place?


tanyascrappy 7 years, 2 months ago

So now I propose another question to the community of Craig - let's suppose your employer tells you "we are going to do a major renovation on our office space and each of you are going to have some ownership in it" YEAH!!! Exciting right? We get to decide how it looks, how it functions, we even get to help put it all together! Now, here comes the dilema, 1) you are NOT allowed to work on this during your schedule shift/work time, 2) you are NOT allowed to clock-in on your off time to help with the painting, cleaning, moving furniture or anything else, but you are required to log your hours so I as your employer can put them into the productivity reports to show how much we "spent" on renovating the area, and 3) now that you have completed all the work on your particular area...guess what...we are going to pay for the REST of the offices to get renovated by the maintenance department, and you get to suck hind tit again....how many of you would sign up for that kind of opportunity? Well guess what citizens of Craig, that is exactly what happened with the recent remodeling of the old TMH - you don't believe me? Do some investigating for yourself just as I have, find out how many family members and children were there late hours and into the night to do this work! People of Craig, there is something rotten in Denmark, it is time to find out where the stench is coming from - trying looking under the desks of the upper management there, the piles of poo are HUGE!!


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