William Ronis: 1 in a Vermillion


To the editor:

A guy gave me a T-shirt with the words “One in a Verm­illion” printed on the front. I wear the T-shirt proudly because I believe it to be true.

After reading the Verm­illion Basin article Feb. 23, I was left with the feeling that those who stand to gain personal profit from Vermillion Basin are the ones who don’t want it designated a national monument.

It is my opinion, and of course we all have one, that if the federal and state governments did not keep their eye on the management of the basin, the local government would allow it to be turned into Swiss cheese.

William Ronis


native_craig_guy 7 years, 1 month ago

William, Designating it a national monument would do nothing but restrict access for those who regularly enjoy the area. If it is designated a national monument there would be no more hunting, restricted hiking and vehicle access and there would be no grazing allowed on the property. I fail to see how designating it a national landmark is going to bring in flocks of tourists to see it. What little tax revenue it would bring would mostly benefit Vernal UT or Rio Blanco County and would not benefit Moffat County greatly at all. The cost out weighs the benefit for me. I am not for losing access to a beautiful piece of land and heritage simply so the federal government can protect various forms of birds or ferrets.


OldGeezer 7 years, 1 month ago

Grazing, hunting, and OHVs are allowed in national monuments managed by BLM. Some people are getting upset for no reason. Every year thousands of visitors go right past Vermillion on their way to take a float trip down the Green. A new national monument would give them more reason to stay.


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